NG Tech MEC 3000V1 - Addison Saws


NG Tech MEC 3000V1

Automatic high speed tube cutting system
High volume production saw
Diameter the blade: ø250 mm – ø315 mm
Inclined cutting for square tube perfection
Heavy duty cutting head
Automatic length stop slide on 3M discharge - Servo motor controlled
Electronic equipment PLC Siemens + touch-screen interface Etop05
Machine program to optimize the stock & reduce material waste
Electronic blade protection device (adjustable)
Centralized lubrication system for moving parts
Standard BM loader (other options available)
Option of linking a deburring machine
Material discharge options available

NG Tech MEC 3000V1

High speed 90 degree automatic cold saw for the volume production cutting of tubes. The basic machine is configured with a type BM strap magazine loader, dual manual length stops (CN option available) bi-directional material discharge and scrap sorting, (option for in-line de-burrer). The MEC 3000V1 design and construction is proven in production over 16 years to deliver unbeatable performance and reliability. This is a machine that can truly be depended on 24/7 with a large scope of options available to tailor standard machines to fit most process demands.

Technical Data
Mec 3000V1
Round cut capacitymin Ø12mm, max Ø100mm
Square cut capacitymin Ø12 x 12mm, max Ø100 x 100mm
Rectangular cut capacitymin Ø12 x 12mm, max Ø100 x 80mm
Minimum cut length20mm
Maximum cut length3000mm
Cutting tolerance+/-0.25mm
Blade diameterfrom Ø250mm to Ø315mm
Cutting speedfrom 30rpm to 300rpm, material dependant
Roller in feeding speed300m/min
Blade motor4kw
Cutting plane inclined height1000mm
Maximum vice opening145mm


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