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HSS Circular Saw Blades – PVD Coated

High Speed Steel circular saw blades
UK'S largest stock
In house CNC tooth cutting & sharpening service
TiN Coating
TiCN Coating
M35 as standard - M2 available on request

PVD Coated Circular Saw Blades

Specially formulated coatings for stainless steels, exotic metals and high performance applications.

Addison can supply all coatings in either M2 or M35 quality as blanks or toothed. Depending on the grade of material it is advised to change the front face and clearance angles on the teeth to suit your application.

(Physical Vapour Deposition)

PVD Coatings – TiN & TiCN. These coatings are applied to increase surface hardness, reduce friction and allow faster machining rates. These benefits vastly increase blade life giving you a lower cost per cut.

(Titanium Nitride) TiN

A popular coating applied to tooling for increasing surface hardness, lowering friction and retaining the cutting edge.

(Titanium Carbonitride) TiCN

Much like the characteristics of TiN, this coating has higher resistance to abrasion and heat, allowing higher cutting rates.


Chemical Composition

  • Manufactured from high speed steel also known as M2 or DMo5
  • Heat treated to 64/65 Rockwell
  • We also manufacture from 3% Cobalt high speed steel, also known as M35 or EMo5Co5
  • Heat treated to 65/66 Rockwell

Standard bore and pin holes

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