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Armourtech MS Synthetic Spray Mist Lubricant – NEW!

Fully Synthetic Spray Mist Lubricant
Uniquely Formulated for Sawing & Machining Operations
Chlorine and oil free Synthetic Formula
Cost Effective
Environmentally Friendly
Enhanced Tool Life
Low Volatility


A fully synthetic spray mist cutting lubricant,  chlorine and oil-free.

Metalworking fluid suitable for minimal lubrication applications. This product gives the ultimate surface finish and tool life and being synthetic, it’s fully biodegradable, low odour and possesses strong anti-oxidation characteristics – reducing resin build-up and gumming.

Armourtech MS Benefits

  • Translucent and non-staining
  • non-oxidising over time – easy cleaning
  • Outstanding lubricity
  • Multi-metal compatibility
  • Produces excellent surface finish
  • Extends tool life
  • Biodegradable
  • Chlorine and mineral oil free

Applications with mist delivery system

  • Aluminium sawing, circular saws and band saws
  • Light section steel sawing, circular saw and band saws
  • CNC machining of Aluminium
  • CNC machining of light steel sections
  • Drilling and tapping

Armourtech MS is recommended for use with Addison’s Addimist micro mist lubrication systems, which are available for reto-fitting on location.

Available in 25 litre, 5 litre and 1 litre bottles.

Will I need to flush the lubrication system before using Armourtech MS?

It is recommended that your existing delivery system is emptied and cleaned with the supplied systems cleaner prior to filling with Armourtech MS synthetic spray mist cutting lubricant. However, this product will not mix with Addimist and will sit above the old product eventually feeding through the system without any foreseen issues. If you would like more information on the systems cleaner or process, please contact us on 01384 264950.

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