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Everising P150-ILA Billet Saw

Ultra high speed carbide billet sawing system | 150mm Capacity
Inclined linear cutting action
Unbeatable performance
Micro grain quality surface finish
Automatic loading magazine for round bars
Servo driven cutting head
Electro magnetic powder backlas control
Floating shuttle vice to deal with bent bars
Automatic swarf removal system
Micro mist pure oil blade lubrication system
Cut piece sorting with discharge chute
Very low cost per cut
User friendly touch screen control
CNC monitors & adjusts all cutting parameters

Everising P150-ILA

Ultra high speed billet sawing system with advanced inclined linear cutting action using circular blades tipped with either TCT or Cermet dependant on material to be cut. These machines are unbeatable for performance with a cut finish that is sometimes good enough to eliminate a second process. The P series come standard with automatic loading system for round bar with other types of loading and unloading solutions also available.

Capacity – Round70 – 150 mm
Capacity – Square70 – 105 mm
Capacity – Rectangle70 – 105 mm
Blade Motor15 kW
Hydraulic Pump Motor3.7 kW
Blade Feed Motor2 kW
Bar Feed Motor 2 kW
3rd Vice Motor1 Kw
Blade Speed30 – 125 rpm
Saw Blade Size – StandardØ 460 x T2.7 x 2.25t mm
Saw Blade Size -Thin Kerf
Blade FeedServo motor and Ball Screw
Bar FeedServo Motor and Ball Screw
Automatic Single Feed Length10 – 700 mm
Automatic Multiple Feed Length – 3000 mm
Automatic Chip ConveyorScraper Type
CoolingAir Compressed Oil Mist
Machine Weight with Table4900 kgs
Loading Table (W x L)1200 mm x 5200 mm
Floor Space (mm)Machine 3100 W x 2075 L (7175 L + loading table)

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