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TCT and Cermet Tipped Saw Blades

Carbide / Cermet Saw Blades
Carbide / Cermet Tipped
Coatings – TiN, TiCN, TiALN
250 – 630 Ø mm
2,0 – 3,6 mm kerf
54 – 120 T
High Tensile Carbon, Stainless Steels
Solid Bars, Tube and profiles
Auto billet saws
Flying tube cut off saws

Duracore™ TCT HM circular saw blades used for cutting tube/profile steels, medium-high carbon and stainless steels with tensile strengths up to 1600 N/mm2. Cermet tipped saw blades have superior wear resistance when cutting various metals and are ideal for cutting solid materials up to 1500 N/mm2. Used on automatic machines running at very high production rates, neither blade can be re-sharpened back to its original performance and tend to be disposable.


Compatible with:

Adige, Amada, Behringer-Eisele, Bewo, Daito, Delta, Endo, Everising, Exact-Cut, Fong Ho, Kasto, Kentai, Linsinger, Mega, Nishijima, Noritake, OMP, Plantool, Rattunde, Rohbi, Simec, Sinico, Soco Tsune, Wagner and others.



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