Meteor-1 420mm Aluminium Saw - Addison Saws


Meteor-1 420mm Aluminium Saw

Medium Duty | Semi-automatic Rising Blade Mitre Saw | 420mm Blade
BI-directional cutting -45 deg - +45 deg
Positive location for mitre angles 0° / 15° / 22.5° / 30°
45° right and left
2 x pneumatic vertical clamps
2 x pneumatic horizontal clamps
Closed cutting zone with interlocked hood
Moving back fence to increase the width cutting capacity
Includes 420mm sawblade
Mist spray blade lubrication system (option for Addimist)
Standard extraction points above and below cutting table

Oz Machinery Meteor-1 Aluminium/Plastic saw

Semi-automatic rising blade mitre saw for aluminium, brass, copper, and plastic materials. The Meteor is extremely well priced and comes fully loaded with standard equipment.

The only standard machine with a 3000mm right-hand roller table including a metric scale and manual sliding material stop.


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