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JIH-455A Automatic Circular Saw

NC Automatic saw | 500mm servo feeder | 450mm Blade
500mm stroke ball screw feeder
CN control with touch screen HMI
CN systerm records cutting times and piece qty
Fully guarded cutting zone
Mist spray blade lubrication
Hydraulic feeding of the saw blade for maximum stability
Bridge clamping system for multiple piece cutting

JIH-I 455A

A very strong and competent automatic circular saw for high volume sawing of aluminium profiles and solids. The smart bridge clamp design makes cutting and clamping of multiple profiles easy. A precision servo driven ball screw feeder and hydraulic blade feed transmission are usually upgrades at additional cost, but appear as standard equipment on the 455 range.

Feeder SystemServo Motor With Ball Screw
Feeder Max Stroke500mm
Maximum Feeding LengthUnlimited
Cutting Data Input7″ Touch Screen HMI
Saw Spindle rpm3200
Blade Motor Power10 hp
Hydraulic Blade Feed Motor Power1 hp
Servo Motor Power1 kW
Saw Blade Diameter450mm 18″
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH)2500mm x 1000 x 1850
Weight1400 kg


Two sets each of vertical clamps combined with one set of side clamps equipped on the feed system permit cutting of irregular workpieces or simultaneous cutting of several workpieces.

Cut Time Recording

The computer automatically records the required time and quantity for each machining process, which provides convenient calculation of machining cost.

Material Detection

During operation, the machine provides detection for lack of material, allowing the remaining length to be cut can be set.

Stackable Work Pieces

Work pieces can be stacked.

Blade Safety

Built-in saw blade performs upward cutting for increased user safety.

Ball Screw Servo Motor

Ball screw is driven by servo motor for high accuracy.

Hydraulic Feed

Feed is driven by hydraulic system, providing maximum stability for cutting.

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