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Tronzadoras GAA 500-90 CNC

Automatic CNC | with 700mm servo drive feed | 500mm sawblade
CNC setting of the cutting data (20 job programs)
5.6" Colour TFT touch screen panel
Option for TR12 integrated drilling/tapping unit
TR12 available w/ CNC Y axis movement for drilling variable centrelines
Material out detection
Cutting length tolerance +/- 0.05mm
Max feeder stroke 700mm with multiple indexing
Precise control of the cutting feed rate
Hydro pneumatic feeding of the sawblade
Enclosed cutting zone with interlocked hood
Blade stroke limiter for fast repetition cutting
Secure horizontal & vertical pneumatic clamping
Preperation for swarf extraction

Tronzadoras MG GAA 500-90 CNC

Automatic 90° production sawing of aluminium, copper, brass, plastic extrusions and solids. This cold saw is used in a multitude of industries including, aerospace and aviation, engineering, window and door production, contract cutting, metal stockholders, electronics for heat sink production, lighting, display and exhibition, ventilation and air conditioning, automotive, and many more. The CN servo drive ball screw feeder offers highly accurate and flexible production, and can be configured during production to have vertical and horizontal drilling/punching heads with fixed Y axis position or CN servo Y axis positioning giving a very productive and flexible manufacturing machine. Featuring the very latest 5.6″ colour TFT touch screen technology from Tronzadoras for ease of operator use.

Specification Table:
TechnicalGAA-500-90 CNC
Capacity 90°Round150 mm
Square150 x 150 mm
Rectangle250 x 75 mm
Motor4,0 HP
Blade Diameter Ø 500 mm
Blade Speed3000 RPM
Blade Axis Diameter50 mm
Maximum Cutting Height150 mm
Feeder Advance Range700 mm (Multiple Advance)
Pneumatic Clamps6 (3 Horiz + 3 Vert)
Weight470 kg
Dimensions2050 x 1150 x 990 mm

Cutting Chart:

Drilling/Punching Heads

Available as a factory order the GAA range can be fitted with TR12 or TR20 drilling heads or bespoke punching heads to produce completed components. It is possible to mount these vertically and horizontally and on the pneumatic GAA versions there is some manual adjustment for altering the centre lines, but essentially they are mounted to produce a conceived product. The GAA-CNC versions can have these units with Y axis NC movement offering a very flexible manufacturing option.


Pure oil micro-mist blade lubrication system recommended over the standard soluble system, as it delivers a high performance neat oil in minute highly controlled doses. Giving a cleaner working environment with no odours or risk of skin irritation sometimes connected with soluble fluids. Each dose cane be scalled by adjusting the size of each pulse and the frequency of each pulse.

9 Times Indexing

9 times length indexing in place of standard 2 times for automatic cutting of longer lengths.

CN Extended Feeder

Factory option to have extended feeder stroke of 1000mm in place of the standard 700mm.

Motor Upgrades

7,3 HP (5,5 kW) or 10HP (7,5kW)

Automatic START/STOP For Vacuum Cleaner

Blade Speed Inverter


Surface protection

USB Connection

Label Printer

Barcode Reader

Saw Blade

Ø 500 mm  TCT blade included in the machine

5,3 HP (4kW) Motor

700 mm Ball Screw Servomotor Feeder

Unlimited Strokes

Pneumatic Clamping Cylinders

  • 2x pneumatic vertical  clamping cylinders

  • 2x pneumatic horizontal clamping cylinders

Twin Pressure System For Clamping Security


Cutting Advance Adjustable

Adjustable Feeding Speed

Pneumatic Lubrification

Automatic OPEN/CLOSE Hood

LED Lighting

Lack of Material Sensor

Polycarbonate Shield

Additrack 3MS

Roller support table with manual set material stop and graduated scale. 3000mm long with 280mm wide rollers (100kg point loading) available with steel rollers and neoprene coated rollers for aluminium and materials with a sensitive surface finish. Adjustable support legs are available together with connection brackets. The modules can be joined for longer lengths.

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