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Imet XT4 Automatic Band Saw

Automatic Twin Pillar Enclosed Band Saw
Out of square automatic compensation
99 programs for different cut lengths/jobs
Blade kerf relief system for TCT blades
Full enclosure for maximum operator safety
Centreless swarf conveyor
Variable blade speed inverter & digital display
Hydraulic blade tensioning & blade guides
Material height detector with rapid approach
Automatic setting of the blade guide arm
Adjustable vice pressure
2 year parts warranty (1 year on site labour)
Industry 4.0 connectivity
Material library + optimised cutting parameters

Imet XT4 Enclosed Band Saw

The XT4 is born from years of in-depth research which has ultimately lead to the development of a highly compact unit with no compromise on quality. This sleek, innovative machine has been designed with operator safety being of paramount importance, so at first glance it can appear to be a completely inaccessible. However, on closer inspection of the XT4, the operator is able to access all areas very quickly via specially developed opening systems on either side of the machine.

Machine Features

  • Clamping vices move at the same time to ensure optimum clamping of the material. Also bars which are not completely straight can advance through the system without issue and all vice pressures are adjustable. This system also allows the vices to ‘back off’ to avoid the blade rubbing on the cut surface during the ascent of the saw frame for the next cut.
  • High performance TCT bandsaw blades are suitable for this machine and it features hydraulically pressured TCT blade guides for maximum precision and squareness of cut.
  • Lateral roller bearings take the blade twist load prior to entry into these guides and are adjustable. The moving guides are automatically positioned close to the cutting area, again, for maximum precision.
  • Options for Short Batch & One-Off Sawing there is the possibility  to cut not completely the material section in in automatic cycle.
  • Hydraulic unit equipped with a variable-capacity pump.
  • The sawblade is tensioned by a hydraulic cylinder controlled by the machine software.
  • Automatic Trim Cut option, if  the material has an acceptable pre-sawn face, it will be accurately & automatically located relative to the blade ‘zero’ position.
  • This feature saves time and cuts down on material wastage. Each time the blade is changed, the machine automatically performs a run-in procedure, reducing the cutting descent speed by up to 30%,for a set time recommended by the blade manufacturer.
  • The software allows to memorize up to 99 cutting programs with different cutting lengths and quantity’s, these programs can be personalised and easily used.
  • Blade thickness is automatically detected as well as the automatic feeder stroke.
  • The material length needed to complete the cutting program is displayed when the material sizes and quantities have been programmed. All operating functions of the machine, errors and problem solving messages are clearly displayed.
  • A device for checking the accuracy/ squareness of the cut, with automatic adjustment or stopping of the saw frame descent speed in the event of blade deviation.
  • Machine feeder electrically driven with recirculating-ball screw controlled by a sensor; automatic reset; the weight of the bar is supported by the roller table and not by the feeder, assuring a higher precision with the passing of time and lesser wearing down of the moving parts.
Cutting area90°
Cutting capacity at 90°Round: 360mm
Squared: 360mm
Rectangular: 360x360mm
Capacity with bundle cutting350x350mm
90x10mm (scrap-end with bundle: 210mm)
Minimum scrap-end60mm (available in option 30mm)
Minimum cutting diameter20mm
Blade size5900x41x1.3mm
Blade inclination
Blade motor power5.5KW
Blade speed15÷150 m/min
Sawframe motor reducerBrushless 1/9 6Nm low backlash planetary
Feeder motor reducerBrushless 1/25 6Nm low backlash planetary
Feeder length500 mm
Hydraulic unit power2.2KW
Hydraulic unit tank capacity60l
Collant tank capacity100l
Machine size .2800x1777x2200mm
Minimun cutting lenght10 mm
Working table height870mm
Chips conveyor height420mm
XT Bundle Vice

Hydraulic bundle cutting device for XT5 bandsaws (max 520x550mm
min 90x10mm). Minimum scrap-end with bundle device is 210 mm.

How to use bundle cutting

The device includes two vertical cylinder with 2 horizontal metal bar placed transversely. Removing this element allows a scrap-end of 100mm, otherwise the a scrap-end is 210mm.

Industry 4.0

IMET automatic machines can be connected to the company network and be used remotely thanks SAWFACTORY and modem. SAWFACTORY is a dedicated software which allows to manage the cutting process from the office desk by setting cutting programs and monitoring the workflow thanks to the dedicated web app. The software also allows to also receive assistance by our technicians remotely. Discover SAWFACTORY:

Upgrade kit

The upgrade kit includes 2 items, the blade deviation control and the Smart Start device.

BLADE DEVIATION CONTROL allows to always cut with perfect tolerance up to the end of band life; the machine tries to correctly align the blade, allowing to start cutting always with the right settings (automatic regulation of the cutting parameters). If an error is detected, the cut doesn’t start.

SMART START device allows to choose between two options to set up the first cut: the user can set the first cut length and the material is automatically positioned by the machine; if the first cut is not needed, the machine automatically start with the set cutting program.

Chip conveyor

It’s possible to have a supplementary chip conveyor with increased height at 930mm.

Steel belt chip conveyor

Automatic XT Series machine have the possibility to use a carpet chip conveyor instead of the standard one. It’s possible to install it on both side of the machine depends on the customer needs.

Minimal lubrication system

Pure oil minimal mist spray lubrication system for sectional material only. Eliminates the problem of coolant loss through tubes and sections. The standard flood system is retained.

Custom feeder length

It’s possible to require a feeder with supplementary length compared to the standard 500mm

10" touch screen display

XT Series uses CNC numeric control to managed all the machine settings. The machine is also equipped with a simple and easy-to-use 10″ touch screen display with user-friendly and intuitive interface that gives the operator full control on all the machine operating parameters, increasing and optimizing the user-experience.

Automatic settings and material library

The CNC is loaded with a material library with more than 150 materials and their respective optimised parameter  settings, fully accessible through the touch screen and the easy-to-use machine interface; the user just needs to follow the intuitive instructions: just few clicks to select the material and the cutting program, then XT software will calculate cutting settings to optimize the process and start the production.

User safety

User safety is provided by the new design full cabinet design which covers all the machine moving parts  offering maximum operator protection. All of the access doors are electrically interlock and reported by the cnc control.

Double Structure Sawframe

XT Series saw frame has a rigid double structure in heavy gauge steel specifically designed to have the highest resistance even on the biggest cutting processes; by having bearings both sides of the band wheel shaft very high tensions can be applied as the torsion is equally applied. This massive structure reduces vibrations, bindings and noises while working, optimizing performances on all kind of materials and shapes. This is a design feature that should not be under estimated when deciding which machine to purchase.

Saw frame Transmission

Saw frame movement is perfectly balanced facilitated by a high performance servo motor with low backlash planetary gearbox and  recirculating ball screw. The saw frame is mounted over sized precision ground linear slide ways to absorb vibration and cope with high cutting rate forces.

Material Feeder

The material is supported on the integrated roller table (500mm with stroke repetition. transmission by precision rack and pinion with powerful servo drive. This method give extreme repeatability and point accuracy together with rapid feed rates. The vice jaws open both sides to compensate for out of tolerance material and reduce the chance of marking.

Main Vice

The main vice jaws have an innovative system where each of the 4 plates are moved independently to deal with out of tolerance material and reduce the chance of marking. Clamping both sides of the sawblade for lower vibration and eliminating the break away nib.

Vice: 4 jaws

This configuration presents 4 jaws: 2 lock the material before the blade and 2 after the cut. We strongly suggest this configuration in case the user wants to use Carbide blades so that the stability is increased during the cutting process. Minimum scrap end: 60mm.

Vice: 2 jaws

The user can select this configuration with 2 jaws on the vice placed only after the blade so that the material is locked only after the cut line and the feeder vice becomes the rear main vice during the cut cycle. This configuration allows to reduce the scrap end to just 30mm But is not recommended when using Carbide blades on high tensile material.

Blade Tension

Hydraulic cylinder driven blade tension is also managed by the bandsaw software. If the machine has not been used for some period, the control system will release the band (reducing tension) to avoid strain. In case of breakage, the control commands an immediate stop to the process with alarm on display.

Saving Energy

The XT Series innovative hydraulic system is designed to save 80% of the energy consumption compared to traditional systems: our power unit uses 3 Kw/h a day while on average other units consumption can be up to 16 Kw/h per day.

Detach System

At the end of the cut and before the blade returns, the feeder will back off the stock and the front vice will shift the cut piece allowing a clearance gap for the blade to return through. This protects the blade from potential damage and premature wear, especially if using carbide blades. It also preserves the cut finish preventing vertical scoring marks.

Blade guides

Solid carbide blade guides hydraulically tensioned; and massive pre twist roller bearings ensure that maximum blade life, accuracy and precision are delivered.

Imet Sense

A clever system to reduce cutting times, the rapid approach will advance the blade to 10mm above the material for safety considerations, it will then switch the upper feed parameter for that material until the sawblade touches and the immediately switch to the selected parameter.

Chip conveyor

XT Series machines are equipped with a standard chip conveyor with 420mm height evacuation

Loading/unloading roller table (Optional)

Loading and unloading roller table for XT5 with free rolls and 2 vertical rolls. Single module length 2m.

Roller table for bundle cutting (Optional)

Loading and unloading roller table with containment vertical roll with adjustable width. Single module length is 2m. This model is compatible with bundle cutting, also equipped with tray to collect coolant and swarf.

Automatic Loader

Automatic bar loader driven by the saw control software where the bars are automatically fed, consisting of supporting surfaces with a drag chain and loading stations (from 5 to 15). The supporting surfaces can be easily moved thanks to a modular structure. The feeder is provided with a system of blockage of the bar and with vertical aligning rollers and gearboxes to move the drag chains. The system is driven by the software.

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