What Are The Benefits Of CNC Machinery?


When looking to purchase metal cutting machinery, one term often stands out during online searches: CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery. These automated marvels have revolutionized the manufacturing industry by providing precise, efficient, and reliable operations that require minimal operator input. These machines can be found in all manufacturing industries, here at Addison our CNC machinery lines are aimed at the fenestration industry through our Italian supplier Mecal and also steel cutting industries. In this blog, we will look at the key benefits of CNC machines, shedding light on their functionalities, advantages, and drawbacks.


  • Control Mechanism:

CNC machines use a computer program consisting of alphanumeric data to control the motions of both the workpiece and the tool.

  •  Program Input:

CNC cutting machines utilize a computer interface and a small keyboard or more recently, a touchscreen unit for direct program input.

  •  Program Modification:

CNC machines offer incredible ease in program modification as you can simply adjust variables in the computer program on them machine or from an office environment if connected.

  •  Operator Skill Level:

CNC machines can be operated by individuals with less expertise than what has been traditionally required. A great deal of the work is carried out by the computer control unit, and in some cases can be programmed remotely if the CNC machine is Industry 4.0 connected.

  • Program Storage:

CNC machinery can store programs within the computer for repeated use, the number of program slots available varies by manufacturer and control unit version. Some premium lines like the IMET XT and Everising E Range of CNC bandsaws, include a material library with hundreds of pre-set programs already contained within the computer unit.

  •  Flexibility:

CNC machines are more versatile and adaptable in their operations than any other control type. They can handle a much wider range of tasks and can be easily reprogrammed to perform different manufacturing operations. This flexibility is crucial for industries where production needs can change frequently, as CNC machines can quickly adjust to new tasks without requiring significant reconfiguration or retooling.

  •  Computational Capability:

CNC machines are equipped with advanced computer systems that enable them to process complex instructions and data with high precision. They can execute intricate machining operations with greater accuracy, consistency, and speed. This computational capability allows CNC machines to perform tasks that may be beyond the capabilities of semi-automatic or manual versions.

  •  Accuracy:

CNC machines are more accurate than NC and manual metal cutting machines due to their advanced computer control, error compensation, and feedback systems, ensuring precise and consistent machining operations time and time again.

  •  Job Execution Time:

CNC machines are generally a lot faster than other types of machines. This is due to their ability to handle complex operations as well as minimal operator interferences between cuts. As programs are automated, CNC machines can cut out a lot of the more time-consuming aspects of a job.

  • Continuous Operation:

CNC machines are capable of 24/7 operation providing enough material is available. It is possible to run a lights-out operation on CNC machinery which greatly increases turn around times and can increase overall profitability of a job.

  • Initial and Ongoing Costs:

It’s no secret that CNC machinery is at the top end of the scale. These machines contain advanced technology which is expensive to produce. They also require software updates and specially trained CNC engineers to rectify issues, often costing more in the long run than Nc and manual machines, unless a service plan is in place to keep costs low and reduce potentially expensive breakdowns.



In summary, CNC machines have distinct characteristics that set them apart in the world of metal machining. While NC and manual machines have their advantages for simpler jobs, CNC machines offer greater precision, flexibility, and ease of operation. The choice between these two technologies depends on specific manufacturing requirements and budget considerations. If you are looking for a metal cutting CNC Machine and need help deciding which direction to go in, Addison are here to help. Call us on 01384 264 950 for expert advice today.