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Slotting & Perforating Saws for oil industry

Slitting Saw
Designed for CNC multi-spindle head machines
The Cobalt Blue finish upgade will increase production by 40-50%.
High performance
Competitive price
Ideal for oil industy as blades are able to produce straight/keystone slots

Perforating & Slitting Saw Blades

Manufactured from High Speed or Cobalt, these Sawblades and lubricants > Slitting Saws, Sawblades and lubricants are designed for CNC multi-spindle head machines to produce straight/keystone slots in tube for the oil industry. Slotted Liner casings are then used for extracting heavy oil, the slots filter out any sand and other contaminants.

There is a vast demand for the supply of these cutters in M35, COBALT-BLUE quality due to its high performance and competitive price. Opposed to the standard M2 bright finish blades, Cobalt Blue will increase production by 40-50%.

Recent customers that switched to Cobalt Blue discovered the prices are competitive with the standard M2 bright finish.

Cobalt Blue Standard 

M35 Cobalt material

PVD coating

+/- .001″ side tolerance

We supply to DIN standard tooth forms, A form (DIN1837), B form (DIN1838). Front face and clearance angles are optional as each customer has difference preferences


Used on multi spindle head CNC tube slotting machines, slotted liner case pipes are used for water well and oil extraction process, SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage).

Straight slots are the same width on entry and exit of the slots, keystone slots are wider on the inside of the slot to allow self cleaning.

Based on future order commitments, Addison will hold inventory stock which cuts out manufacturing lead times, saving the customer time and money.






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