RTP - W30 / W50 - Addison Saws


RTP – W30 / W50

Roller Support Table with length stop and motorised movement
Fully enclosed between rollers
Motorised length stop
Possible to program 20 different lengths
Touchscreen display
Position reading through encoder and rack
Automatic 50 mm withdrawal for unloading

Imet RTP – W30 / W50

Roller tables with free rolls, length stop and  motorized movement with the possibility of planning 10 different lengths via the PLC unit. Length stop is facilitated through a pneumatic cylinder. Reading of the position is through an encoder and rack. Available in forms from 3 meters. Automatic withdrawal of 50 mm to facilitate the unloading of the cut piece and returns to position through a button on the control.

Premium line compatibility
Roller TableGBSBS      300/60BS PLUSBS          350-400KSCUBORECORDSIRIOVELOX
RTS – W30 / W50W30W30W30W50 W50W30W30W30
RTM – W30 / W50 W30W30W50  W30W30W30
RTD – W30 / W50  W30W50   W30W30
RTP – W30 / W50 / KS  W30W50KS  W30W30
RTL – W30 / W50 / KS W30W30W50KS  W30W30
RTS KS    X    
RTR    X    
Maxi Line Compatibility
Roller TableH 601 / 601 NCH – KS – KTECH 802 / 102KTECH 502 / 652XSMART 3XT / XS
RTS – W50X
RTS KS600 – 652XX


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