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Milling Cutters / Side Chip Clearance Saws

Slitting Saw blades
Side chip clearance saws (BS 122 / Din 1834 A)
Side and face cutters (BS 122 / Din 1834 A)
Staggered / Straight teeth
Metric / Imperial (keyway)
od?? 2‚Ä?>8‚Ä? / kerf 1/16‚Ä?>5/16‚Ä?
od?? 63>160mm / kerf 2>8mm
HSS M2 / HSSE Cobalt M35
Bright finish / PVD coated

Multi-Cut Side Chip Clearance Saws (milling cutters)

Our Multi-Cut range of side chip clearance saw blades are bore driven and offer greater chip clearance on the peripheral cutting edges to allow deep slotting of metals. Available from Addison in straight and staggered tooth variants as well as bright finish and PVD Coating for increased wear. The staggered teeth cutters are primarily for extra heavy slotting or when cutting soft materials require an aggressive chip clearance.


Available in a variety of metric and imperial sizes, contact us for more information.


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