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Imet XS 900 Band saw

Twin Pillar semi-auto band saw 900mm / 1200mm capacity (round bar)
Extremely rigid architecture
Maximum precision and performance
Hydraulic material feed rollers
Automatic setting of the guide arm
Motorized chip conveyor
Variable saw frame return height

Imet XS 900-1200

Semi-automatic twin pillar bandsaw for cutting large solid materials in a demanding production environment.

Cutting capacity at 0°Round: 900mm
Square: 900mm
Rectangular: 900x900mm
Blade motor11KW
Blade speedDa 14 a 60 m/min
Blade size9300x67mm
Blade tension3000kg/cm2
Canted blade
Hydraulic unit motor power3KW
Hydraulic unit tank capacity80l
Coolant tank capacity220l
Working table height790mm
Battery Laser Line

Quality German laser line. Addison fit item.


Addimist Pure oil micro-mist blade lubrication system recommended for cutting tubes and sectional material where flood lubricant loss through the material is a problem. This precision delivery system allows adjustment for the number of pulses per min, and the quantity of each dose. (requires compressed air supply) The standard flood system is retained for cutting solid material and the operator can simply switch between systems.

Powered Laser Line

Imet factory fit powered laser line.

Blade Deviation Control

The blade deviation control allows to always have the perfect alignment and blade position and it also has automatic detection and stops of the cutting process in case of breakage.

Cutting Control

7″ touch screen HMI with the following functions:-

  1. Down feed cutting speed
  2. blade speed
  3. Material height (for fast approach and reduced cycle times)
  4. No of pieces to be cut

Saw Frame

XS900 has a heavy rigid steel saw frame for maximum stability and vibration absorbtion. Mounted on a large steel column with precision linear guides. To increase the cutting performance, the bandsaw has a very high blade tension (2000kg/cm2).

Rigid Structure

To further increase machine stability and maximise operational  the machine architecture is fabricated from multi layer heavy steel plate to absorb vibration and handle extreme stresses.

Bow Transmission

Blade and bow feeding are managed by powerful servo motors with control display for machine status and errors.

Cutting Table

The machine has a wide working area where 7 motorized hydraulic rollers provide for a high loading capacity on every material size with elevated material positioning and accuracy. The piece is bock by an horizontal hydraulic vice. To optimize cutting process and user workflow,

Blade guides

Solid carbide blade guides hydraulically tensioned; and massive pre twist roller bearings ensure that maximum blade life, accuracy and precision are delivered.

Blade Tension

Hydraulic cylinder driven blade tension. If the machine has not been used for some period, the control system will release the band (reducing tension) to avoid strain. In case of breakage, the control commands an immediate stop to the process with alarm on display.

Chip conveyor

XS is equipped with an endless screw type chip conveyor.

Loading/unloading roller table (Optional)

Loading and loading roller table with free rolls and compatible with measurement system. Single module 2m long

Roller table prepared for motorization (Optional)

Roller table with all transmission elements for motorisation. Chain with pinion gears.

Motorization system (Optional)

Motorization system for motorized roller table, recommended every 6m length.

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