Everising VBS-2016 - Addison Saws


Everising VBS-2016

Vertical block and plate bandsaw
Super strong construction
Hydraulic guide arm positioning
Hydraulic material clamping
Hydraulic sawblade feeding
SA type semi-automatic
inverter variable blade speed (15-75mpm)
Optional automatic chip conveyor
Optional out of square detector

Everising VBS2016

Y axis cutting of large plate material. Typically used in metal stockholders, aerospace, civil engineering including bridge components, power generation, automotive.

Cutting Height2000 mm
Cutting Depth1600 mm
Cutting Length3/4 5/6 M
Table Support Width Outer2000 mm
Table Support Width Inner1600 mm
Blade Speed15-75 m/min (50 to 250 fpm)
Blade Drive Motor18.7 kW (25hp)
Hydraulic Pump Motor1.5 kW (2hp) x2
Coolant Pump Motor0.75 kW (1hp)
Feed servomotor2 kW
Blade size12370 x 80 x 1.6mm
Cutting feedServomotor (1-300 mm/min) 2 kW
Table Height2100 mm
Floor space10500L x 6050W mm (4.5M)
Machine Height7650 mm
Machine Weight43500 kgs (4.5M)

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