A precise sawing solution for Parker Precision - Addison Saws


Parker Precision, a highly respected West Midlands-based precision engineering company, has purchased a new Everising S-250 HB-NC automatic shuttle vice bandsaw from us and the saw is bringing efficiencies of 60% to Parker’s sawing line and feeding no fewer than 20 CNC milling machines.

Ultra-precise components

Originally renowned for manufacturing parts for Concorde in the late 1960s and early 1970s, long-established Parker is today best known for the development and manufacture of ultra-precise components for industries spanning the aerospace, oil, defence, electronics and medical sectors.

Need to enhance sawing capability

“With a growing order book, we identified the need to further enhance our ability to precision-cut heat-treated lengths of aircraft-grade stainless steels as well as aerospace alloys,” comments Parker Precision’s marketing director, Marc Corns.

Speed, efficiency and exceptionally clean cuts

“A senior member of our team then suggested we contacted Addison Saws. Before joining Parker he had been responsible for the purchase of two Everising machines from Addison’s and was impressed with the speed, efficiency and extremely clean cuts – all key requirements for our business – that the saws were able to provide.”

More than fulfil cutting requirements

A trip to see an Everising S-250 HB-NC bandsaw at the site of a local Addison Saws’ customer was enough to convince Parker Precision that the saw would more than fulfil their cutting requirements. “Having seen the S-250 saw in action, we were happy to forgo cutting trials, as we were more than convinced it would meet our needs,” adds Marc Corns. “In view of the fact that we work with a wide range of exotic materials however, Addison Saws suggested that we specified variable clamping pressure as an optional feature, in order to protect the integrity of even the most delicate tube that we cut.”

Bringing considerable benefits to production

Installed earlier this year, the Everising S-250 HB-NC automatic shuttle vice bandsaw is already bringing considerable benefits to production strategies at Parker Precision’s Bilston site. Significantly quicker than the saw it replaces, the Everising machine has more than halved the time it takes the precision engineering company to cut steel and aluminium into typical bar sizes of 50mm in diameter and 180mm in length.

More components per billet length

Accuracy, of course, is just as important as speed and here too, the Everising bandsaw is delivering advantages. “The amount of scrap material we generate has been minimised and the saw’s precise cutting action has reduced the need for deburring,” says Marc Corns. “Overall,” he concludes, “the accuracy of the Everising saw means we are achieving more components per billet and tube length – and that’s significant as it helps us to remain competitive – delivering both value and quality to our customers.”