Introducing the newest aluminium/plastic end milling machine to Oz Makina’s ‘Polar’ machinery line, available exclusively from Addison Saws within the UK. The automatic Polar V features pneumatic blade replacement , vertical and horizontal clamps and hydro-pneumatic motion; As well as quick & easy blade replacement, a blade adapter and blade holding station. Of course, the real difference comes in to play when talking capacity, the polar V can work on pieces up to 275 x 180 mm (W x H) and includes a profile support conveyor.

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Oz Makina

Ozcelik Machinery began its manufacturing journey with aluminium and PVC profile processing machines in 1980, is, now, a leading manufacturer of more than 60 machines used mainly in processing aluminium and PVC profiles.

The company continues to enrich its product range with other high quality machines for different industrial products like aluminium composite panels, iron and steel profiles. With its 16,000 m² indoor area in Istanbul – Orhanli industrial zone, and a workforce of 160 people comprising of R&D engineers, mechanical engineers along with marketing and technical specialists, the company is able to produce 40,000 units of machinery annually at its fully integrated production plant.

Ox is a brand that attaches importance to certification and thus certified its manufacturing quality with European Conformity (CE), Management System Quality (ISO 9001:2008 TUV CERT), Russian Customs Union (EAC), Ukraine Product Quality (UKR-SEPRO) certificates. Ozcelik is a technology-oriented company that follows the latest production technologies closely and applies them to its production lines.