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Solid Carbide Slitting Saw Blade

Solid Carbide Saw Blades
Metric or Imperial Measurements
X 3-4 Faster cutting than HSS
High Durability
Fine and Course available

Solid Carbide Slitting Saw Blade

We produce carbide slitting saws in accordance to DIN 1387 / 1838. Shelf stocked as metric with no keyway and imperial saws are made to order. In comparison to HSS, Carbide offers faster cutting speeds/feed –  boasting superior cutting properties and great durability, retaining the cutting edge for longer. Ideal for production cutting to reduce component unit cost, or where arduous applications require a tougher tool.

Fine tooth (A) form – DIN1837

Shallow cutting or for thin wall tubes.

Coarse tooth (B) form – DIN1838

Deep slotting or heavy wall tubes/solids.

Circular saw blades for jewellery

Made from HSS or Carbide for jewellery production, tooth form (A) with pitch finer than 1mm for very precise cuts.


  • Aerospace
  • Defence and military
  • Precision Engineering
  • Stainless screw/bolt/fixings
  • Commutators and motors
  • Yellow metal applications
  • CNC Milling

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