Pressta Eisele Dyno-6A - Addison Saws


Pressta Eisele Dyno-6A

Hydro Pneumatic Punch with 40mm stroke 50KN
Quick change tool system
Hydro pneumatic intensifier
Foot pedal activation
Specifiable ram lengths
Optional machine base
Optional rotary table (5 tools)
Max. power at 10 bar = 50 KN
Max. daylight = 200 mm
Working range: ram to back wall = 110 mm

Pressta Eisele Dyno-6A

Hydropneumatic punching machine widely used in the window, door and commercial aluminium fabrication market. Other markets include lighting, automotive, air diffusion, marine windows, partitioning, and many more.

Maximum daylight with optional ram (no rotary table)200mm
Throat dimension to ram centreline110mm
Throat dimension with rotary table fitted70mm
Optional rams for daylight – 140-160-180-200mm


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