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Oz Machinery Lepus-X

3 axis CNC | machining centre | 2000mm width | 4000mm length
Ability to machine panels and extrusions (with optional profile kit)
Reverse vacuum function to float panels to position effortlessly
Multi-zone smart vacuum clamping controlled by the software
Large touch screen HMI for machine operation with Alphacam software
Smart-cam post processing
Ability to link to selected external software
Rotary servo controlled 10 tool automatic magazine
Tool length measuring system
Pneumatic pop up zero reference stops
Mesh safety fencing on 3 sides
Option for light barrier for frontal protection if required

Oz Machinery Lepus X Panel routing Machine

Automated 3 axis production cell for panel and (optional) profile processing. Suitable for working the following materials:- aluminium plate – aluminium composite panels – laminated composite panels – wooden laminated composite – particle boards – plastic sheets – brass and copper sheet. The new Lepus-X is one of the most modern and advanced machines available and represents unbeatable value for money.

Specification Table:
Machining Capacity
X Axis (longitudinal)2000 mm
Y Axis (lateral)4000 mm
Z Axis (vertical) excluding tool300 mm
Axis Speeds
X Axis (longitudinal)108 m/min
Y Axis (lateral)108 m/min
Z Axis (vertical) excluding tool10.5m/min
Maximum power7.5/9kw
Maximum rotation speed24000 rpm
Tool holderISO 30
Cooling methodElectric fan
Tool Magazine
Rotary typeServo powered
Number of positions10
Max sawblade dia150 mm
Maximum tool dimension (diameter/length)140 mm – 120 mm
Max number of angle heads in magazine2
Operational Area
Number of vacuum modules7
Number of pop up reference stops on X axis1
Number of pop up reference stops on Y axis4
Control Unit
Touch screen size15″
Remote accessYes
Data transferUSB – Ethernet
Extrusion processing clamps

Set of pneumatic clamps for holding aluminium and pvc extrusions, allows processing on top face. For working on ends and side faces you will need the 2 spindle angle drive head, for working aluminium you will need the mist spray system.

Angle drive head

Multiple material processing options

Suitable for aluminium plate, aluminium composite panel, laminated composite, wooden laminated composite, various plastic plates, aluminium industrial or semi-industrial plates

Milling cutter

Ability to process wooden and plastic plates by replacement of milling cutter

Smart CAM post processing

Automatic magazine for 8 tools

Automatic tool length measurement

External dust vacuuming system

Automatic, pneumatic alignment system

Industrial PC

Windows based touchscreen and easy to use practical interface

Data transfer

Achieved over remote network connection, Ethernet and USB

Special vacuum circuit

Designed for local vacuuming and automatic zoning

Automatic lubrication

Within the processing area

Automatic zoning

With the ability to routinely focus vacuum on processing area thanks to the special software and ability to disable dust vacuuming system when pneumatic clamping system is activated

Processing at -90°, 0, +90°

Fixed angles with profile processing feature and recommended special tools, and end milling with a saw blade with maximum 150 mm diameter

Ability to process 5 surfaces

Top, sides, heads of the profile

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