Oz Machinery Alcor-II C - Addison Saws


Oz Machinery Alcor-II C

10 Axis CNC | Sawing & Machining Center | for Aluminium profiles
Large touch screen HMI for machine operation
CamQuix advanced CAD/CAM software
Ability to link to selected external software
Data transfer over remote network connection Ethernet & USB
Fully automatic process
10 axis - to saw & machine 4 sides of profile
550mm saw blade with servo setting for angles 30-150 deg
Waste free cutting
Feeding capacity for up to 10 profiles
Ability to use cutting and milling units independently
High cutting and processing capacity increasing efficiency
High speed axis movements

Oz Machinery Alcor-II C

Automated production cell for sawing and machining of completed components from stock material, offering sawing to length at variable angles, milling processes to 4 sides of aluminium and pvc profiles ideal for applications within the window and door industry, and industrial manufacturing sector.


  • 500mm sawblade
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Safety barrier
  • Unloading table


  • Additional length for infeed and output conveyors
  • Additional tooling
  • Profile procesing program

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