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Multi Cut Low Rockwell Saw Blades

High Speed Steel circular saw blades
M2 Bright Finish Material
Reduced Hardness of 57-58 Rockwell
Ideal for Non-Ferrous and plastics cutting

Low Rockwell HSS Blades

These saw blades are manufactured from M2 bright finish material and have a reduced hardness of 57-58 Rockwell (HRC). This enables the blade to run at a higher RPM for the cutting of non-ferrous and plastic materials where standard TCT saw blades are too aggressive for small and fragile work pieces. They are produced without a boss and drive holes and are available with various numbers of teeth as well as in diameters between 200-300 with bore sizes of either 30 or 32mm. Designed for cutting non-ferrous materials in excess of 2,000rpm, the reduced rockwell hardness limits brittleness. This option is preferred to TCT blades for finer cutting applications such as bead cutting.


Low Rockwell blades are also known as Bright Finish blades or Millennium blades.

Technical Information

The standard tooth form for plastics and aluminium is an (A) Form, 5° positive.

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