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MG TM 4 Measuring System

4M / 4000mm roller table | Battery LCD display | Hand-wheel positioning
Manual positioning-measurement system with handwheel
Analog positioning display and manual fixing
4000 mm length capacity
3000 & 6000 mm versions available as standard
Special lengths available on request
Roller dimensions 40X300 mm

Tronzadoras MG TM 4 Roller Table

Roller table with hand-wheel positioned material stop and battery LCD display of the selected cutting length. Various lengths available, maximum load of 70kg/meter. Fitted with soft coated rollers to protect the material surface finish.

Tronzadoras MG TM 4 Roller Table
External measurements4500×600 mm
Height800-1050 mm
Roller dimension40×300 mm
Admissible Load70 Kg/meter
Range4000 mm
Accuracy0,2 mm
Air Supply6-8 bar
Weight85 Kg

Other standard lengths available:

Tronzadoras MG TM 3M roller table

Tronzadoras MG TM 6M roller table

TN version with pneumatic stop

TN version with pneumatic push button locking of the material stop.

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