CNC Nesting Machines - Mecal MC TOP SYNTESIS 4020-4060


Mecal MC TOP SYNTESIS 4020-4060

3 axis CNC | machining centre | 2050mm width | 6185mm or 4185mm length
Durable working table
Automatic tool length measuring
Automatic detection of the material height
Automatic tool change with 10 positions
Bed dimensions of 4020 or 6020 x 2040mm
CAD/CAM software for easy programming in 2D or 3D
Focused swarf extraction system
Tool cooling system (-10 ° C)

Mecal MC TOP SYNTESIS 4020-4060

Gantry type machining centre for nesting operations, designed for working on slabs and panels of composite material, light alloys, PVC and usually on plastic materials. 3 axis (X, Y, Z) managed by CNC.

Working useful surfacemm4185 x 2050
X axis travelmm4285
Positioning speed X axism/1’100
Y-axis travelmm2070
Positioning speed Y-axism/1’100
Z axis travelmm240
Positioning speed Z-axism/1’30
Maximum rotation speedrpm28000
Electrospindle rated powerkW7,5
Cooling typeair
Taper attackISO30
Weightkg± 3500


  • PC desktop, Windows operative system, keyboard QWERTY, mouse
  • Display TFT‐LCD 18,5” W (16:9, 1366 x 768 pixels)
  • License MS Windows 10 ‐IoT ‐
  • AlphaCAM CAD/CAM Software Standard Milling
  • AlphaCAM Software for Nesting Equipment
  • No. 1 Electrospindle air cooled, ISO30, rpm 28000, kW 7,5
  • No. 1 Tools magazine with 12 seats
  • No. 2 Kit vacuum pump [2x (5,5 kW 240 m3/h)]
  • No. 1 Transpiration top
  • No. 1 Suction unit for the evacuation of heavy chips such as aluminium
  • No. 1 Cooling tool kit (‐10°C)
  • No. 1 Tools presetting device
  • No. 1 Device for the automatic detection of the height of the panel under machining
  • Set of perimeter fence on three sides
  • Set of safety light curtain
  • Compressed air treatment unit (filter/reducer/lubricator)

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