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Mecal MC 316 Sawing & Machining Line

CNC | Automated Sawing & Machining Line
For Aluminium or PVC extrusions
4 spindle (option for 6) machining capability
Spindle frame rotation 180°
3 axis mitre saw with encoded rotation
3 axis gripper adjusts to any profile (optional rotation)
Automatic loading table
Unloading table with conveyor and storage zone
CAD/CAM 3d software

Mecal MC 316 Automated production cell

A technically advanced manufacturing cell (sawing & machining line) for aluminium and PVC windows and doors or similar extrusions. Consisting of a horizontal loading table with user definable partitions, usually dictated by the dimension of the largest profile. The processing unit contains a 3 axis sawing head and 4 spindle (option for 6)  machining element with 180° rotation of the tool holding frame, there is an option for a material rotation axis on the gripper to add machining capability. There is no automatic tool change on machines of this design.

Stock extrusion max lengthmm7200
Minimum stock lengthmm1000
Maximum combined loading width (qty capacity to be defined)mm2200
Gripper U axis feeding strokemm9530
Gripper V axis horizontal adjustmentmm225
Gripper W axis vertical adjustmentmm200
Gripper (optional) C axis rotation°0° – 180°
Spindle quantity4 units (option for 6)
Spindle power and speedkw-rpm4.5 – 24000
Tool holder (manual change)ER32
Machining capacity Widthmm250
Machining capacity Heightmm150
Sawblade diametermm550
Sawblade motor power and speedkw/rpm2.7 – 3000
Sawblade rotation range°135
Sawblade and cutting tool lubricationVenturi mist
Unloading table dimensionmm5000 x 1700 (Option for 7200 x 1700)
PC Desktop Windows 10 with MeSoft cad/cam – industry 4.0 ready

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