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Mecal FE400 Double Mitre Saw For Steel

Double Mitre Saw for Steel Profiles
Standard version: hydro pneumatic blade feed
Stainless & heavy steel: servo ball-screw head feed
Inclined saw blade approach
Inverter variable blade speed control
Use with flood / pure oil mist lubrication
Internal mitres to 45° and external to 135°
Digitally set mitre angles using DC motors & gearbox
Digital setting of the cutting length
Colour touch screen HMI
Memory for jobs & material dimensions
5000mm bed length (auto cycle for long cuts)
Automatic centre support

Mecal FE400

Without any doubt the FE400 is the most advanced double mitre saw for steel profiles currently on the market. Available in two versions the standard machine uses hydro-pneumatic feed of the sawblades and is suited to cutting thin wall rolled steel sections. The Inox version used powerful DC motors and ball-screw feed which is more suited to stainless steel and heavy rolled steel profiles. Both versions have the unique inclined linear feed which offers the line of least resistance through square section material, greatly reducing cutting times, extending blade life, reducing noise, and most importantly reducing stress on the machine components.

Mecal FE400
Contemporary useful cutting (90°)5000 mm
Cutting length (min. 90°)280 mm
Tilting range135° <> 45°
Blade motor power4,5 x 2 kW
Blade speed rotation (adjustable)250 rpm (max)
Blade diameter400 mm
Weight±3000 kg
Addimist Cold saw

Pure oil micro-mist blade lubrication system recommended over the standard flood system, as it delivers a high performance neat oil in minute highly controlled doses. Giving a cleaner working environment with no odours or risk of skin irritation sometimes connected with soluble fluids. Each dose cane be scaled by adjusting the size of each pulse and the frequency of each pulse.

Material Clamping

Secure clamping with 4 x vertical clamps and 3 x horizontal clamps on each cutting head.

Inclined Blade Feed

A very important design feature, the approach angle to and through square sectional material like steel widow components is optimised by not striking any of the faces square on. This offers the trajectory of least resistance through the entire cut, decreasing cutting times, extending blade life, and reducing stresses on the machine components.

Material Support

A centralised pop up support is automatically deployed when the moving head passes the midway point to support long pieces.

Cut Length Accuracy

The cut length accuracy is guaranteed (±0.3mm) by using precision helical toothed rack and pinion transmission with DC motor and high resolution encoder.

Head tilting

Able to tilt internally to 45° and externally to 135°. The tilting is driven by powerful servo motors and reduction gearbox, programmed in the touch screen HMI

Cutting Control

  • 15″ Touch screen HMI Accessible via Ethernet and external usb, via wifi (through a Wifi adapter Rj45).
    • Import DXF graphics
    • Import cutting lists from compatible software.
    • Printer output of linear barcode and QR code.
    • Manage and execute single cuts and cutting lists
    • Store cutting lists uploaded form the USB interface
    • Manage automatic long and short cut functions
    • Graphical display of the profile positioning
    • Industry 4.0 prepared

Material Support

Roller table with vertical rear alignment rollers.

Blade Lubrication

The standard system is a flood coolant type using a water soluble solution.

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