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Simec MEC 120 CNC

Automatic cnc mitre cutting | saw for high volume production | max sawbladw 350mm
High volume production saw
Auto mitre cut of tubes & bar
Straight & angle cut of tubes from ø10mm - ø100mm
CN feeding gripper powered by servo motor w/ 2000mm stroke
Ability to index for longer pieces
Automatic positioning of feeding gripper length
Quick release vice jaws for rapid tooling changes
Double clamping vices on both sides of blade
Centralized lubrication system for moving parts
Hydraulic clamping vice and gripper
Head transmission on prismatic guides
Gearbox options to suite material range
Blade diameter: min Ø200mm - max Ø370mm
Electronic equipment PLC Siemens
Terminal Etop05 touch-screen or software
Optional loading system: slope loader (type M)

Simec MEC 120 CNC

Automatic cold saw for high volume production cutting of solid and sectional material. Available as a manually loaded machine or fully automated with a selection of loading magazines and unloading solutions. There are many configurable options including in line material marking and multiple bar loading (1-2-4 pieces). This machine is highly recommended for volume production of products where variable mitres are required.

Technical Data
Mec 120
Round cut capacitymin Ø10mm, max Ø100mm
Square cut capacitymin Ø10 x 10mm, max Ø90 x 90mm
Rectangular cut capacitymin Ø10 x 10mm, max Ø120 x 90mm
Bar capacitymin Ø10mm, max Ø40mm
Minimum cut length10mm
Maximum cut lengthup to 3000mm (discharge length dependant)
Cutting tolerance+/- 0.2mm
Angle range+/- 60°
Blade diameterØ250mm to Ø350mm
Cutting speed30rpm to 3000rpm (material dependant)
Feeding speed of the gripper1.5m/s
Blade motor2.25/3kw (or 4kw with inverter)
Cutting table height900mm
Maximum vice opening130mm

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