CNC Machining Centres - Mecal MC319 Aydo


Mecal MC319 Aydo

3+1 axis CNC machining centre | with 3160 mm X axis | for machining on 3 sides
Pneumatic profile rotation +/- 90° to work 3 sides
Ability to set intermediate angles
Automatic magazine with positions for 5 tools
4 clamps with laser guidance for precise positioning
Main spindle does all work with full use of the magazine
Full CAM-3d software
Full CAM-3d software
Integration with external software
3160mm working length
(Option) for open ends to allow machining of longer pieces
Pneumatic zero stops at each end to work multiple profiles
Automatic centralised lubrication system
HSD 3.8kw spindle (ISO 30)

Mecal MC 319 Aydo 3+1 Axis Machining Centre

For high speed machining of aluminium and PVC materials.

Super-compact CNC machining centre, the smallest offered by Mecal. This small but mighty machine is used in numerous applications such as windows and doors including: Bi-fold ranges, curtain walling, automotive, aerospace, engineering, internal partitions, sign manufacturing, air conditioning, and refrigeration.

We have installed these machines for very diverse applications including; machining slots, pockets, holes, custom shapes, end slotting and profiling, tapping, and drilling.


Specification Table

Find all the information you need on the Aydo’s Axis stroke measurements and speed.

X axis stroke3160 mm
Positioning speed X axis60 m/min
Y axis stroke360 mm
Positioning speed Y axis30 m/min
Z axis stroke345 mm
Positioning speed Z axis30 m/min
A axis stroke45 – 90 – 45 °
Electrospindle power3.8 kW
Tool holder coneISO30
Max rotation speed18,000 rpm
Cooling systemAir
Weight1800 KG

Subject to technical changes

Set of tools

Starter set of tools and collets,

3 x collet chucks8MM 1 x 8mm collet, 2 x 10mm collet Wrench for collet Shell mill chuck125mm x 22mm TCT end milling sawblade ISO30Cutters – 8mm x 80mm – 10mm x 100mm –

Open machine ends

This option opens the machine ends to work longer profiles and add additional external protection


Job simulator software which shows an accurate simulation of the actual job in real time very graphically. Indicating timings and potential process errors.

Bar Code Reader

For receiving job data when integrated with a double mitre saw that has the thermal label printer. The job data is usually provided by external software.

+1 Axis

This is a pneumatic axis for rotating the profile through 180° to allow machining on 3 faces (top-back-front) there is a sliding stop system with calibrated scale if intermediate angles are required.


Equipped with 4 x manual positioned vices with laser indication for precise positioning for each different job.

Tool Change

Equipped with a 5 position magazine for rapid automatic tool change.

Loading Zones

Single loading zone with 2 zero reference stops allowing 2 different jobs of appropriate length to be worked. Or on full length job, There is an option for the machine ends able to be opened to allow machining of profiles longer than the Z axis.

Mecal CAD CAM 3D

Designed to be the most advanced and easy to use system currently available. All of the basic programming is available with pre-loaded macros which are applied by a simple drag and drop process. The graphical 3D presentation is a clear and accurate representation that can be viewed from any angle to check for errors, and it demonstrates the orientation for the workpiece to be correctly loaded.

External Connections

We have the ability to connect to many external window packages (including Schucal-Logikal) sometimes a linking program is required at additional cost.

The converter imports IGES files in completed SW CAD 3D and creates the program to process the job. This function is in high demand from industrial clients using Inventor-Solid Works and Solid Edge type programs.

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