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MC 304 Ariel-5 Machining Centre

5 Axis CNC | available in 7480/9480/11480mm bed | Max rotation speed 24000 rpm
2 x Clamping systems available
Mobile 12 Position rotary tool magazine
Vice movement during machining cycle
3d graphical software with external CAD link available
Powerful 10kw liquid cooled HSD spindle with encoded rotation
Fibre optic high speed data communication
Dual loading zones for seamless production
Rear safety mesh fence
Central automatic lubrication system

Mecal MC 304 Ariel 5 MMI & MDT

For high speed machining of aluminium – Steel – Brass – Copper and PVC materials. The standard MMI version has individually motorized vices that simultaneously move into position for the next operation and with the optional MAM equipment can move during cycle. The Ariel-5-MDT is a complete machining solution that is able to cut the pieces to length, using the MDT clamp system independently and move the cut pieces to determined locations within the machine to allow end machining as well as the normal face and side workings. The Ariel-5-MDT can be used in numerous applications including, windows-doors and curtain walling, automotive to aerospace, engineering, internal partitions, sign manufacturing, air conditioning and refrigeration. We have installed these machines for a very diverse range of applications including; machining slots, pockets, holes, custom shapes, end slotting , tapping and rigid tapping, drilling and flow drilling.

X axis strokemm7480/9480/11480
X axis rapid speed max.m/1’80
Y axis strokemm1400
Y axis rapid speed max.m/1’60
Z axis strokemm700
Z axis rapid speed max.m/1’40
A axis strokedeg± 120°
C axis strokedeg± 210°
Electrospindle rated powerkW10
Max speed rotationrpm24000
Cooling systemLiquid
Type of coupling holderHSK-F63
Blade diameter max.mm450
Side & Face milling cutter diameter max.mm200
Clamping Positioning Choice

MMI-this choice has each clamp motorised to move individually to position.

MDT-this choice has each clamp motorised in a different way, they are more powerful and now each clamp is an additional axis. For example you can have 4 programs for individual components (eg parts for a window sash) the process will saw each piece to length, mitred if required then separate the elements to allow machining of 3 sides and ends if required.

Both versions have 8 clamps as standard, additional items can be added to suit application.

Other Options

Automatic length measuring device

Multi directional probe with detection based on Z axis orientation

Automatic length measuring device

Multi directional probe with detection based on spindle axis orientation

Bar Code Reader

For receiving job data when integrated with a double mitre saw that has the thermal label printer. The job data is usually provided by external software.

Swarf Drawers

Set mobile of steel swarf collection drawers

Belt Conveyor

A rubberised belt conveyor to transport captured swarf and offcut pieces to the end of the machine where a collection container can be placed.

Remote Operation

KEBA KeTOP 20 hand held remote is virtually a mirror of the production page, for controlling feed speed to aid set up and checking  jobs on long bed machines, it also shows the precise distance of the tool from the work piece in real time.

Centre Stops

The optional pneumatic centre stops combine with the standard end stops to allow loading of 4 pieces.

5 Axis Machining

Ability to work 3 sides and both ends and any intermediate angle. A sawblade (max 450mm) can operate along the X axis or across the Y axis in either the horizontal or vertical plane. Mire cuts are also possible.


Quality HSD liquid cooled spindle ES779 10kw with HSK-F63 for automatic tool change. 24000rpm with encoder for rigid tapping applications. HSD have worldwide service and great representation in the UK.

Tool Magazine

The rotary 12 position automatic tool magazine is mounted on the spindle carriage to reduce tool change times to an absolute minimum.


The machine is supplied with a mesh fence on rear and both ends with a laser scanner attached to the moving carriage. Different from a light barrier which will shut down the operation immediately, the scanner can be configured to gradually slow down as the obstacle approached. If the object is cleared the process will continue without stopping and need to re set.

Loading Zone

The Ariel machines have a dual zone feature as standard. The machine can work any job in either zone, or as one job using the full length of the machine.

Mecal CAD CAM 3D

Designed to be the most advanced and easy to use system currently available. All of the basic programming is available with pre-loaded macros which are applied by a simple drag and drop process. The graphical 3D presentation is a clear and accurate representation that can be viewed from any angle to check for errors, and it demonstrates the orientation for the workpiece to be correctly loaded.

External Connections

We have the ability to connect to many external window packages (including Schucal-Logikal) sometimes a linking program is required at additional cost.

The converter imports IGES files in completed SW CAD 3D and creates the program to process the job. This function is in high demand from industrial clients using Inventor-Solid Works and Solid Edge type programs.

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