JIH-CNC18MDS - Addison Saws



Combined CNC Saw | with 3 axis milling spindle | auto tool change
Mist spray blade lubrication
Fully guarded cutting zone
Ball screw transmission with servo drive
300mm feed stroke with multiple indexing
Designed for maximum sward extraction potential
Option for hydraulic blade feed for larger solids
Touch screen HMI


A very unique design machine combing a 3 axis CNC spindle with automatic magazine with a high production vice feed automatic saw. This combination gives you a total manufacturing cell solution and has possibilities in countless markets.
Applicable Industries
  • Public transportation , aluminium , light alloy profile processing.
  • Aerospace industry
  • long-shaped aluminium profiles
  • Square tube profile cutting, drilling, slot milling.
  • Aluminium doors and Windows industry
  • Curtain wall (glass wall)
  • Extruded aluminium
Applicable Materials
  • Aluminium
  • Plastic
  • Other non-ferrous metals
ModelJIH-CNC18MDSX1 Servomotor850 W
Tool Magazine Capacity8 pcsX2 Servomotor850 W
Automatic Drive SystemBall Screw (Servo Motor Drive)Y-Axis Servomotor750 W
Cutting Capacity (HxW)120 x 120, 100 x 200, 20 x 280 mmZ-Axis Servomotor750 W
Automatic Feed Accuracy±0.1 mmRotating Speed of Main Motor8000 RPM / 12,000 RPM (opt)
Cutting Length Display & SetupTouch ScreenSpindle TaperER 25 (2~16 mm)
Hydraulic Feed Motor1 hpSpindle Motor3.8 kW
Travel1.25MCNC ControllerSYNTEC
Touch Screen15″Dimension (L x W x H)4000 x 1980 x 2180 mm
Saw Blade Size18″ x 1″ boreRapid Feed Rate (X / Y / Z)X:40 M/min ; Y:15 M/min ; Z:15 M/min
Air Pressure6 kgs / cm²Machine Weight3,300 kgs
X-Axis Travel1265 mm
Y-Axis Travel325 mm
Z-Axis Travel330 mm

Pure oil micro-mist blade lubrication system recommended over the standard soluble system, as it delivers a high performance neat oil in minute highly controlled doses. Giving a cleaner working environment with no odours or risk of skin irritation sometimes connected with soluble fluids. Each dose cane be scaled by adjusting the size of each pulse and the frequency of each pulse.

Angular Head

Optional: 90 ° angular head with sawblade.

Tool Magazine

Optional: Tool magazine for optional tool change automatically.

Automatic Measuring System

Optional: Auto measuring system


Complete with strong pusher system for clamping and feeding in the operating unit.

Drilling, Tapping & Milling

High pression, high speed spindle for drilling, tapping and milling.

CNC Control

CNC control with easy operation by touch screen based with SYNTEC system.

Processing Modes

8MDS provide 3 kinds of mode for processing:

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