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JIH-30 Upcut Aluminium Saw

Heavy duty | Large Capacity | Aluminium mitre saw | with 750mm sawblade
Unique integrated hood and vertical vice
Easy rotation cutting table with pre-set common angles
Closed saw blade chamber for maximum extraction efficiency
Adjustable clamp pressure and return height
Adjustable saw feed stroke to reduce cycle times
Oil mist blade lubrication system

JIH-30 up-cut saw for Aluminium

The JIH-30 is a semi-automatic rising blade miter saw with manual head rotation and cutting angle of +45° through to +45°, the table includes pre-set stops of common angles for speed. constructed for production cutting of aluminium extrusions and solids. The clever design architecture is focused on dealing with swarf, containing as much as is practicable and providing outlets to connect to an external extraction unit.
Cutting Angle Range-45° ~ 90° ~ + 45°
Sawblade Dimension30″ – 750mm
Spindle Speed1158rpm
Motor Power10hp
Cutting Table Area1080mm x 540mm
Cutting Table Height1070mm
Footprint1780mm x 1520mm (LxW)

Main Features

The operator may adjust clamping height and speed and cutting height and speed according to work piece size and thickness for saving waiting time.

  1. Adjustable clamping height.
  2. Adjustable clamping speed.
  3. Adjustable cutting height.
  4. Adjustable cutting speed.
  5. Push-pull type safety guard.
  6. Horizontal clamping for extremely stable clamping.
  7. Accurately controlled oil mist system. greatly improves lubrication and cooling effect, while reducing trouble to a minimum.

Clamping System

  1. The clamping speed and cutting speed can be adjusted according achieve superior cutting performance (Fast and stable cutting). /clamps work pieces securely.
  2. Clamping pressure can be adjusted as desired to suit work piece t on the work piece due to over-pressure. to work piece type to The clamping system type, that avoids damage.

Blade & Chip

  • The convenient door for saw blade replacing. Open the side door to replace the blade. The door can load the whole blade and there won’t be any inconvenience for the blade installation as those A typed machine
  • Chip Outlet Port
    The chips are exhausted through this outlet port. It eliminates inconvenient cleaning for those chip deposited in the machine.

Vacuum Mist System

The vacuum oil mist unit employs vacuum generation principle to transform cutting fluid into oil mist for splashing. It provides lubrication and cooling functions, ensuring no dust deposit and saw blade, high cutting accuracy and long service life of saw blade.

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