Industrial Automatic Bandsaws - Imet XSMART4 Bandsaw


Imet XSMART4 Bandsaw

Enclosed | CNC Control | Industry 4.0 | Bundle Cut Option | Max Round Capacity 360mm
2 Year parts warranty (1 year on site labour)
Precision ball screw material feeder
Minimum last piece (100-40mm)
Auto positioning of the moving blade guide
Swarf removal & removable coolant tank
CNC setting of the cutting parameters
Vice pressure reducers for thin wall material
Option for vertical bundle cut vices

Imet XSMART4 Enclosed Band Saw

XSMART4 is an automatic double column bandsaw suitable for straight cut of solids up to 360mm diameter, the ideal working tool for professionals and workshops who look for the best efficiency and productivity on an easy-to-use and affordable machine. XSMART4 is equipped with 4KW motor reducer, blade height 41mm, 7″ touch screen display and integrated feeder. Keeping operator safety in mind, this bandsaw is completely enclosed and features easy-access panels for maintenance and bandsaw blade replacement.

SpecificationXSMART4 Enclosed Band Saw
Cutting capacity at 0°Round 360mm – Square 360mm – Rectangular 360x360mm
Cutting capacity with solids (C45)350mm
Cutting capacity with bundle deviceMax 360x250mm – Min 130x10mm – Minimum scrap-end 210mm
Minimum cutting length10mm
Minimum scrap-end100mm (option for 40mm)
Blade Size5050x41x1.3mm
Blade inclination0°
Blade motor power4 KW
Blade speed15-100mm/min
Feeder Length and single stroke500mm
Feeder motor power0.75 KW
Hydraulic unit motor0.75 KW
Hydraulic unit tank capacity56 L
Coolant tank capacity130 L
Size – Working table height – Weight3000x2600x2200mm – 890mm – 2800kg

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Industry 4.0 Ready - SAWfactory

IMET automatic machines can be connected to the company network and be used remotely thanks SAWFACTORY and modem. SAWFACTORY is a dedicated software which allows users to manage the cutting process from an office desk by setting cutting programs and monitoring the workflow. All thanks to the dedicated web app. The software can also connect to assistance from our technicians remotely. Discover SAWFACTORY:

Deluxe Kit

Deluxe Kit – advanced option dedicated to users that want to optimize their working performances and get the best from their processes. It includes the blade deviation control and the SMART START system that helps to save time while using the machine.

Minimal Lubrication System

It is possible to fit, for all Imet machines, the minimal lubrication system, it avoids the dispersion of refrigerant liquid typical in the use of emulsifiable oil, the life of the blade is not in any way affected. Minimal lubrication system for XSMART4 has a 1.3 l tank capacity.

Laser Ray

Laser that helps the user detect cutting line on the material before sawframe descent, easing the operator’s workflow.

Bundle cutting device

It’s possible to apply the hydraulic device for bundle cutting on the XSMART4, made by a vertical pressure on the feeder vice and another on the fixed one. Cutting capacity with bundle device mounted is reduced: max 360x250mm, min 130x10mm, scrap-end 210mm.

Bundle Vice Information

The device includes two vertical cylinders with 2 horizontal metal bars placed transversely. To use it with a minimal scrap-end of 100mm (or 40mm if the user chooses a different configuration for the fixed vice), the vertical device on the feeder vice must be removed, allowing full capacity machine use.

User safety and easy maintenance

XSMART4 bandsaw gives the user maximum protection and safety while in use thanks to the full metal carters system that protect all the moving parts. and two tunnel on loading and unloading that prevent access (while in action) to the cutting area. Once the machine is put in stand-by, the operator can easily access to all the internal components thanks to big frontal, lateral and back doors.

Touch screen display

XSMART4 is equipped with a 7″ touch screen display with easy and intuitive interface: the display gives full control of all the main machine settings (like manual movement of XSMART axes) and allows to easily create cutting programs and launch a working cycle with just few clicks.


XSMART4 sawframe has an electro-welded rigid structure on a double column which helps reduce vibrations and binding during descent. Like many IMET band saws, its blade is canted (30°) to reduce the band strain and have better and constant sawframe descent while cutting with optimized performances on every material, profiles or solid.

High power motoreducer

XSMART4 uses a high power, high efficiency and reliable Bonfiglioli motor reducer by 4 kw for its blade, which has 41 mm height with hydraulic tensioning system.

Integrated feeder

XSMART feeder has a single stroke of 500mm with integrated roller table for material support. Ball screw feeder and electric motor with inverter, portal structure that ease material movement and loading.


Blocking vice provides perfect material locking and is equipped with an innovative system that allows opening of all 4 jaws independently; this helps to load even not-linear bars. The user can choose between two main configurations for the vice: 4 jaws (2 placed before the blade and 2 after) or with 2 jaws placed only after the blade.

Vice: 4 jaws (2 before the blade and 2 after)

This configuration presents 4 jaws: 2 lock the material before the blade and 2 after the cut. We strongly suggest this configuration in case the user wants to use hard metal blade (WIDIA) so that the stability isn’t effected during the cutting process. Minimum scrap end: 100mm.

Vice: 2 jaws

The user can select this configuration with 2 jaws on the vice placed only after the blade so that the material is locked only after the cut line. This configuration allows reduction of the scrap end to just 40mm.

Blade alignment

Hard metal blade guides with bearings for optimal blade alignment during the cutting process. The mobile blade guide is kept automatically next the cutting point.

Chip conveyor

XSMART4 bandsaw mounts a standard chip conveyor with lateral exit that eases the cutting process by removing (together with a brush on the blade) all the remaining residue that lays in the cutting area.

Roller table for loading/unloading

Loading and unloading roller table for XSMART4 with free rolls and 2 vertical rolls. Single module length of 2m.

Roller table for bundle device

Loading and unloading roller table with containment vertical roll and adjustable width. Single module length is 2m. This model is compatible with bundle cutting, also equipped with trail to collect remnants and liquid.

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