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Imet XSMART 3 Enclosed Band Saw

Automatic CNC double column enclosed saw
2 Year parts warranty (1 year on site labour)
Precision ball screw material feeder
Minimum last piece (50mm)
Auto positioning of the moving blade guide
Swarf removal & removable coolant tank
CNC setting of the cutting parameters
Vice pressure reducers for thin wall material
Option for vertical bundle cut vices
Small scrap-end

Xsmart 3 CNC Boxed Bandsaw

A modern designed machine delivering industry leading performance, reliability and economy. With a removable coolant tank to make cleaning quicker and easier. Saw frame and the base is made of high-thickness electro-welded steel which reduces vibration and noise. Double vices feature clamping both sides of the blade ensuring perfect clamping of the material and offer a nib free surface finish. Pressure reducers are fitted on every vice to facilitate perfect cutting of thin-walled tubes and sections.

The saw frame transmission is by precise variable rate hydraulics, mounted on high tension precision linear rails. The feeder is powered by a servo motor with transmission via a recirculating ball screw, controlled by a high-resolution encoder, with automatic zero positioning. The feeder has a built-in supporting table to prevent pieces falling into the bar feeding system.

Very small remaining scrap end of only 50 mm. Band guides with carbide pads which are mechanically held in contact with the blade which is mounted on precision linear guides. Band guides are equipped with hardened, tempered and ground lateral bearings. The mobile band guide is automatically positioned close to the cutting area. Blade cleaning is provided by a motorized rotating metal brush. Motorised electric chip conveyor comes as a standard feature. LED integral lighting offers better visibility of the working area. The NC control is easy to use as it offers 99 programs all containing data for cut lengths, number of pieces required and the blade speed for that particular job/material.




Cutting capacity at 0°Round 310 mm.
Square: 310mm
Rectangular: 340x310mm
Cutting capacity at 0° with solids (C45)250 mm
Cutting capacity with bundle cuttingMax. 340×250 mm
Min. 130×10 mm
Scrap-end: 280mm
Minimum cutting length15 mm
Blade size3730x34x1.1mm
Canted blade
Blade motor3 KW
Feeder length500 mm
Feeder motor power0.75 KW
Minimum scrap-end90 mm
Blade speed15/100 m/min
Hydraulic unit motor power0.75 KW
Hydraulic unit tank capacity20 l
Coolant tank capacity50 l
Size – Weight – Working area height1950x1755x1965mm
Battery Laser Line

Premium quality battery powered laser line. Can be fitted to most bandsaws and some circular saws. Excellent battery life and adjustable projection line. This is a useful device when this machine is being used in semi automatic mode for general fabrication activities.

Addimist Bandsaw

Pure oil micro-mist blade lubrication system recommended for cutting tubes and sectional material where flood lubricant loss through the material is a problem. This precision delivery system allows adjustment for the number of pulses per min, and the quantity of each dose. (requires compressed air supply) The standard flood system is retained for cutting solid material and the operator can simply switch between systems.

Powered Laser Line

Imet factory fit wired laser line (we have a selection of alternative Addison retro-fit products as well). This is a useful device when this machine is being used in semi automatic mode for general fabrication activities.

Industry 4.0

IMET automatic machines can be connected to the company network and be used remotely thanks SAWFACTORY and modem. SAWFACTORY is a dedicated software which allows to manage the cutting process from the office desk by setting cutting programs and monitoring the workflow thanks to the dedicated web app. The software also allows to also receive assistance by our technicians remotely. Discover SAWFACTORY:

Performance kit

Consisting of: The blade deviation control system, the smart start for automatic detection of the first cut and saw frame descent speed view on machine display.

Bundle Vice

Hydraulic vertical bundle vice with cutting capacity at 340x250mm maximum and 130x10mm minimum while bundle cutting scrap-end is 280mm.

Bundle Vice Information

Single bar with a scrap-end of 100 mm, is possible to do with the bundle vice equipment fitted; the user must disconnect the bundle piston tube next to the vice using the quick release fittings to increase the physical capacity.

Cutting Control

XSMART3 has an intuitive and user-friendly interface with a 7″ touch screen display that allowing full control of all the machine parameters and all of the operative settings. Using CNC system, the user will have the possibility to optimize his user-experience and workflow with just few clicks. These features, combined with the solid structure, make XSMART3 the perfect working tool for industry application.


XSMART3 saw frame has an extremely rigid structure mounted on double columns which greatly reduces vibration and binding during the cutting cycle. Like many IMET bandsaws, the blade is canted forward (30°) to reduce blade twist resulting in reduced band strain and have better and constant saw frame descent.


XSMART feeder has a single stroke of 500mm with integrated roller table for material support. The feeder transmission is with precision ball screw and powerful servo motor with inverter, the portal structure eases material movement and loading.

Full stroke vice

The machines uses a hydraulic full stroke vice to securely hold the workpiece. Clamping both sides of the sawblade to eliminate cut piece break away nibs.

Blade Cleaning Brush

Powered blade cleaning brush to enhance blade life and performance.

Blade Guides

Very important to get this right in any bandsaw, heavy steel guide arms support a precision set of pre-twist roller bearings and solid carbide blade guides to give maximum precision and performance.

Pressure regulation

The machine is equipped with standard pressure regulation system for thin wall profiles.

Swarf Conveyor

Standard on XSMART3 there’s a high performance chip conveyor.


XSMART3 uses only the best quality Bonfiglioli primary drive gearbox. As the main machine component no compromise is given with reliability the key consideration. One reason we are able to offer an industry leading 24 month parts warranty.

Connection element for loading side (Optional)

Connection element for loading side between machine and loading roller table.

Loading/unloading roller table - next elements (Optional)

Loading and unloading roller table with free rolls. Next elements, single module length is 2m.

Vertical rollers (Optional)

Pair of containment vertical rollers, made in steel, max 2 pairs for each element 1,5 mt long.

Single vertical roller (Optional)

Single vertical roller, height of 250 mm. to prevent falls, max 2 each 1,5 mt.

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