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Imet VBS 600S Vertical Bandsaw

General Workshop | Max Cutting Capacity 600 x 500 mm
Solid cast iron construction
Two hand wheels
Fixed table - 600 x 760 mm
LCD display for blade speeed
2 blade guides for perfect alignment

Imet VBS 600 S vertical bandsaw

Manual vertical band saw with a cast-iron fixed table, inclination up to 15 degrees to ease material loading. This is a solid workshop grade bandsaw ideal for cutting steel tubes and profiles up to 600mm in diameter.


Specification Table
Cutting capacity (l x h)600 x 500 mm
Loading tablefixed
Loading table capacity600 x 760 mm
Handwheel Diameter625 mm
Blade size5060 x 27 x 0.9 mm
Blade motor power4 kw
Blade speed120 – 200 m/min
Blade tensionManual
Power supply400 V 3 phase
Machine size2745 x 1410 x 1200 mm
Weight980 kg
Working plate height1080 mm
Minimal lubrication system

It’s available in option the minimal lubrification system with water and oil.

Length stop

740 mm length stop available to ease operator workflow.

Machine structure

VBS 400 S base is made in ectrowelded steel with rigid structure for the best stability (and reduce bindings a and vibrations) while cutting; it’s equipped with two screws to lock it to the production floor. Fixed table is mounted on the upper side of the base.


The machine sawframe is made also in electro-welded steel and it supports two hand-wheels: the first positioned on the mobile tube with manual blade tension system (by an hand-wheel), the other is motorized with motoreducer managed by vectorial inverter.

Panel control

The machine is manual with a panel control placed at the same height of the table. Thanks to the easy-to-use digital LCD display, the operator can set and regulate the blade rotation speed according to the material.

Fixed table

The supporting plate (or table) of VBS 600 S is made in cast-iron and positioned on the upper side of the machine base with the possibility to set up to 15° inclination.

Blade guides and alignment

The machine is equipped with two blade guides for blade alignment: the first positioned under the plate and the second mounted on the blade guide rod, adjustable on the base of the material thickness. The rod is put in action by a dedicated hand-wheel with mechanical brake to maintain the STOP in position.

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