Imet RTR Roller Table - Addison Saws


Imet RTR Roller Table

3000 - 12000 mm length Roller Table
Motorized roller table for loading and unloading side
Mobile controller with easy button system
Roller movement provided by brushless motor, rack and pinon
Measurement system options available RL / RR
3000 mm modules

Imet RTR

Loading or unloading roller tables with motorised rollers for advancing heavy stock materials. Available in 3,6, 9, & 12 meter lengths. The roller speed is variable and controlled by an inverter.


Available measurement systems:
• Digital length stop;
• Manual movement and positioning
• Mechanical detach device to slow-down material;

• Easy and user friendly interface with 7” touch
screen display;
• Possibility to program up to 20 cutting lines with
different lengths ad quantities;
• Mechanical detach device for material slowdown;

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