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Imet Ktech 652 Automated Sawing line

Double Column Fully Automated Mitre Saw
CNC control of the cutting angles
Option for cut piece marking
Twin Column design
2000mm precision rack & pinion feeder
Powered head rotation w/ DC motor + inverter
Left and right mitre cuts to 60°
Colour touch screen graphical HMI
Offcut ejection system
Short last piece (scrap end) of 165mm
Adjustable vice pressure (thin wall profiles)
Material height sensor w/ rapid approach
1 year parts warranty ( 1 year on site labour)
Removable swarf collection drawer
Pure oil micro mist blade lubrication system
Offloading table (fully client configurable)
Blade inclination on end of cut for ultimate performance + blade life

Imet Ktech 652 F2000 with Auto-loading & unloading

Automated twin column complete cutting centre for automated production of mitred and straight cut pieces, ideal for frame production, fencing elements, commercial vehicle components and general production.

All cutting data is put into the simple to use colour touch screen HMI, which provides the storage of 300 programs for cutting data for different cutting angles, piece quantities and cut lengths.

The sawblade is uniquely inclined at the end of the cut. This is ideal when cutting square sectional material and flat plate. This feature should not be underestimated, as it has real positive consequences in reducing cut times, greatly increasing blade life and the scope of use of each tooth pitch, whilst reducing the load on the machine components. This feature is also standard on the  BS350/400 models. Additionally, this machine benefits from fully hydraulic vices.

Cutting capacity at 90°Round: 510mm
Square: 480mm
Rectangular: 650x450mm
Cutting capacity at 45° (left)Round: 440mm
Square: 430mm
Rectangular: 430x430mm
Cutting capacity at 45° (right)Round: 440mm
Square: 440mm
Rectangular: 440x440mm
Cutting capacity at 60° (left)Round: 250mm
Square: 250mm
Rectangular: 250x450mm
Cutting capacity at 60° (right)Round: 250mm
Square: 250mm
Rectangular: 250x450mm
Cutting capacity at 0° bundle – scrapendMax: 650x450mm
Min: 130x20mm
Scrap-end: 280mm
Cutting capacity at 0° solids (C45)280mm (350mm with blade 41mm)
Minimum cutting diameter10mm
Minimum cutting section (on the plate)10mm
Minimum scrap-end265mm (single cut at 90°)
Blade size5320x34x1.1mm
Blade speedDa 18 a 100 m/min
Blade power3KW (4KW motor reducer available with blade 41mm)
Blade tension1900kg/cm2
Feeder length2000mm with automatic repetition (available 3000mm length option)
Feeder motor powerBrushless BMH 2.5 N-m
Hydraulic unit motor power0,55Kw
Sawframe rotation motor power0,55Kw
Working table height845mm
Blade Deviation Control-62

It allows to always have cutting process with the right tolerance. It’s possible to set the selected tolerance based on the needs for a specific material or cutting angle (maximum tolerance: 0.2mm).

Powered Laser Line

Imet factory fit wired laser line.

Bundle Vice

Hydraulic bundle cutting device. Maximum capacity with bundle is 650×450, minimum capacity is 130x20mm. Minimum scrap end with bundle device: 300mm.

Battery Laser Line

Premium quality German battery powered laser line. Can be fitted to most bandsaws and some circular saws. Excellent battery life and adjustable projection line.


Addimist Pure oil micro-mist blade lubrication system recommended for cutting tubes and sectional material where flood lubricant loss through the material is a problem. This precision delivery system allows adjustment for the number of pulses per min, and the quantity of each dose. (requires compressed air supply) The standard flood system is retained for cutting solid material and the operator can simply switch between systems.

Industry 4.0

IMET automatic machines can be connected to the company network and be used remotely thanks SAWFACTORY and modem. SAWFACTORY is a dedicated software which allows to manage the cutting process from the office desk by setting cutting programs and monitoring the workflow thanks to the dedicated web app. The software also allows to also receive assistance by our technicians remotely. Discover SAWFACTORY:

Marking System

It’s available for KTECH 502-652 models the automatic ink marking system that allows to impress a code on cut pieces to ease the material selection after the cut: the marking systems works before the cut and its programming is integrated with the machine CNC (allowing to create a unique program via KTECH touch screen) but it’s equipped with its own independent touch screen display.

Safety Fence

Metal mesh fencing to machine rear and ends.

Light Barrier

Light curtain protection.

Cutting Control

KTECH 652 has an easy and intuitive interface dedicate to optimize the user-experience: thanks the CNC system and 10″ touch screen display the user can manage all the machine operative function, set up 99 cutting program and multiple cutting length on the same bar, set the number of feeder stroke, the number of pieces and blade speed. It’s also has a machine diagnostic program.

Material Ejection System

Material ejection:- the system offers 3 options.
1. No ejection
2. Ejection of trim cut only
3. Ejection of all pieces
Facilitated by the feeder advancing the piece and then retracting to perform the next cut.

Automatic Cutting Program

The graphical software clearly displays the programmed job, showing angles and piece dimensions. This reduces errors and makes compiling complex cutting lists as simple as possible.

Feeder as length stop

It’s possible to use the feeder as length stop when the machine is cutting in semiautomatic cycle by taking the feeder to the required length (minimum 270 mm, maximum distance between blade and feeder) using the GO TO option; in this case the bar will be loaded by the unloading side. Feeder vice is completely closed to be used as length stop.

4 controlled axes

KTECH line automatic bandsaws have an innovative 4 controlled axis system (lateral movement and closing of the vice, material feeding and saw frame rotation), all managed by numeric control. All the machine movement and setting can be controlled and modified via touch screen display.

Saw Frame

Ktech NC is produced  intentionally with extra heavy steel material to absorb vibration, enhance structural stability and run very high band tension (2000kg/cm2 ) giving maximum possible accuracy and cutting performance. The blade it inclined by 5° to enhance the cutting of square section and flat plate material.

Head Rotation

The automatic saw frame rotation is managed by powerful servo motor, reduction gearbox and inverter. A hydraulic piston lock the bow once it reached the set position. To keep the transmission elements clean and reduce maintenance an air-cleaning system is activated during the rotation. Bow rotation power is 0.55KW.

Blade Speed

KTECH’s blade drive is equipped with electronic inverter to expand the blade speed range (from 18 to 100 m/min) so that the cut is optimized on a wide range of materials, saving also the blade life. To operate effectively on wider section and solid material, the blade has a high tension (2000kg/cm2).

Height Detection

Mechanical material detection system automatically finds the precise material height, allowing the fast approach of the bow to the material triggering the selected speed for the cutting process. The end-point is managed by a microswitch placed on the mobile blade guides that automatically detects when the cutting process ends.


The machine is equipped with a 2000mm feeder (it’s available a 3000mm feeder) with integrated roller table. The movement (which is managed by the touch screen interface) is provided by a brushless BMH 2.5 N-m motor with rack and pinion. Minimal scrap-end is 250 mm while the minimum cutting length is 10mm. It’s also available on request the longer feeder (F3000 or F6000).

Cutting Precision

KTECH bandsaws have an automatic control of the piece size thanks to the absolute encoder and automatic correction of the cutting lengths. The innovative angle measurement system is taken from a large diameter steel arc rather than from the centre pivot point. this increases the accuracy and durability of the system.

Minimal lubrication System

Minimal lubrication system is standard to avoid any coolant dispersion, keeping working area perfectly clean so that the machine can always work in the most efficient way; it works thanks to automatic switch and it has 2 nozzle and 1.3 l tank capacity.

Inclined Blade

To increase material penetration on square section al material and flat plate the blade is inclined by 5°. This offers the line of least resistance when cutting, reducing stress on the machine components – decreasing cutting times – generating less heat and extending blade life.

Blade Guides

Large adjustable precision roller bearings apply the pre-twist to the blade which then passes through carbide blade guides for perfect alignment giving reliable consistent accuracy.

Loading/unloading roller table (Optional)

Loading and unloading roller table. The module is composed by a 1.5m element with 1 leg and 1500kg maximum capacity. It’s also available a connection element to adapt it to the machine for the unloading side.

Single vertical roll (Optional)

Single vertical roll to prevent fails Height 300mm. Max 2 pairs for each 1.5m element.

Pair of vertical rolls (Optional)

Pair of vertical containment rolls made in steel. Max 2 pairs every 1.5m element.

Automatic loading system (Optional)

Automatic bar loader driven by the saw control software where the bars are automatically fed, consisting of supporting surfaces with a drag chain and loading stations (from 5 to 15). The supporting surfaces can be a easily moved thanks to a modular structure. The feeder is provided with a system of blockage of the bar and with vertical aligning rollers and gearboxes to move the drag chains. The system is driven by the software of the saw to which it is connected.

Automatic unloading system (Optional

Upon request it’s available a customized material unloading system with bar warehouse developed based on the customer requests and needs.

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