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Imet KS702 NC Band saw

Semi automatic NC mitre saw
NC powered head rotation
Mitre cuts up to 60° left & right
41mm blade
Variable cutting rate & cutting pressure
10° inclined blade for optimum cutting
Variable blade speed (inverter)
Precision variable down feed control
Horizontal & vertical hydraulic clamping
Material height sensor & rapid approach
Hydraulic blade tensioning
Blade breakage detection & auto shutdown
2 year parts warranty (12 year on site labour)
Powered blade cleaning brush

KS702 NC Band saw

Ideal for cutting large sectional steel profiles in high demand environments, especially square section steels where the 10° canted saw bow offers the line of least resistance through the entire cut, giving extending blade life, faster cutting times and less stress on the machine components. This machine is equipped with NC powered head rotation for precise angle setting via the 10″ touch screen HMI.

The KS702 is constructed to work in a demanding environment where ease of use, performance and reliability are demanded. This is underlined by the industry leading 2 year manufacturers parts warranty.

Cutting capacity at 0°Round: 520mm
Square: 450mm
Rectangular: 680x400mm
Cutting capacity at 45 (left / right)Round: 470mm
Square: 430mm
Rectangular: 470x400mm
Cutting capacity at 60° leftRound: 280mm
Square: 280mm
Rectangular: 280x380mm
Cutting capacity at 60° rightRound: 310mm
Square: 310mm
Rectangular: 310x380mm
Cutting capacity at 0° solids (C45)280mm (capacity with blade 41mm: 350mm)
Cutting capacity with bundle deviceMax. 650x250mm
Min. 50x50mm
Blade size5870x34x1.1mm
Canted blade10°
Blade speed15/100m/min
Hydraulic unit tank capacity50l
Collant tank capacity3l
Working table height840mm
Battery Laser Line

Premium quality battery powered laser line. Can be fitted to most bandsaws and some circular saws. Excellent battery life and adjustable projection line.

Laser Line-61

Imet factory fit powered laser line.

Blade Deviation Control

Blade deviation control with automatic stop of the working process in case of damages.

Bundle Vice

Hydraulic bundle cutting device. Maximum cutting capacity: 1000x320mm, minimum cutting capacity: 50x50mm.

Performance Upgrade

Supplied as standard is the 3KW motor reducer with 34mm height blade; it’s possible to switch to a higher per performance blade with 4KW motor reducer, 41mm blade and hydraulic tensioning.

Cutting Control

7-inch touch screen display (with simple and intuitive graphics for different quantities and lengths on the same bar. the operator can to store up to 99 cutting programs by automatically calculating the thickness of the blade, the total number of pieces to be cut, setting the cutting lengths and managing the automatic cutting cycle..

Saw Frame

With a heavy steel structure, the blade has an inclination of 6 ° to improve the penetration in the material and optimize cutting of square sections and flat plate reducing cycle times, extending blade life and reducing load on the machine components. The rotation of the bow is on precision bearing for ease of operation The blade of KS 502 has a tensioning of 2000kg / cm2 and is equipped with a control microswitch for immediate stop in case of blade breaking or power failure.

Sawframe rotation

The machine has an automatic saw frame rotation system managed by toothed belt and motor reducer. Positioning precision is provided by a hydraulic cylinder clamping device.

Inclined Sawblade

The 10° blade inclination has considerable benefits when cutting square and flat material. With sectional material the line of least resistance is followed through the entire cut. With solid the initial contact is not across the entire width. All of these benefits add up to extended blade life faster cutting times and less stress on the machine components.

Blade guides

Very important to get this right in any bandsaw, heavy steel guide arms support a precision set of pre-twist roller bearings and solid carbide blade guides to give maximum precision and performance. The moving blade guide is automatically synchronised with the vice position ensuring the guide is always as close to the material as possible.

Blade Cleaning Brush

Powered blade cleaning brush to enhance blade life and performance.

Loading/unloading roller table (Optional)

Loading and unloading roller table with free rolls and 2 vertical containment rolls on one side. 2m length. This unit can be ordered with transmission components for motorised rollers. (Optional motorisation system control is required).

Motorization system (Optional)

Motorization system for motorized roller table. Recommended every 6m roller table. Max speed 10m/min

CNC motorized measurement length stop (Optional)

CNC motorized measurement length stop with fast approaching and automatic slowdown of the piece. To be ordered toghter with RTR motorized roller table. -RR6S measurement length 6m -RR9S measurement length 9m -RR12S measurement length 12m

Containment vertical rolls (Optional)

Pair of vertical containment rolls made in steel. Max 2 pairs every 1.5m

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