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Imet CUBO 300-NC Flat Band Saw

Manual Mitre One way | NC Control | 255mm Round Capacity
Individual job material optimisation
Rapid programming at machine
Full high level on on screen diagnostics
Precision electric ball screw feeder
Multiple indexing for longer length cuts
Manual one way mitre to 60deg
Material height sensor with rapid approach
Floating feeder vice to cope with bent material
Removable swarf collection drawer
2 Year parts warranty (1 year on site labour)

Imet CUBO300-NC-Flat bandsaw

Automatic bandsaw with NC control of the cutting parameters and one way manual mitre 255mm capacity. Ideal for production cutting situations where large quantities of differing lengths are desired from the same material stock. The BS automatics are recognised for their superior design and build quality which is proven in production. Delivering consistent performance and reliability which is backed up by an industry leading warranty package.

Cutting capacity at 0°Round: 255mm
Square : 230mm
Cutting capacity at 45°Round: 210mm
Square : 190mm
Cutting capacity at 60°Round: 135mm
Square : 110mm
Rectangular: 130x100mm
Cutting capacity with bundle device250x130mm max
90x10m min.
Cutting capacity with solids (C45)180mm
Blade motor1.5kW
Blade speed18-100 m/min
Blade dimensions2765x27x0.9mm
Run of the feeder carriage515mm
Motor of the feeder carriage0.75mm
Minimal Scrap210mm
Min.length cuttable in automatic cycle0.75 mm
Hydraulic power unit tank capacity20l
Coolant tank capacity100l
Dimensions – weight – working height2030x1830x1830mm
Bundle Cutting Vice

The CUBO automatic band saws in the BOX version can be used with the bundle cutting device. The bundle cut can only be used for 0° cutting. Single piece capacity with mounted device: 250x130mm max, 10mm min. Cutting capacity for bundle is: max 250x130mm, minimum 90x10mm. The device can be disassembled using the 2 screws on the fixed vice and the 2 on the carriage vice and disconnecting the hydraulic tubes using the quick couplings systems.

Hydraulic Vice Pressure Reducers

Two pressure reducers in kit for hydraulic vices are available for CUBO 350 NC BOX.

Battery Laser Line

Premium quality battery powered laser line. Can be fitted to most bandsaws and some circular saws. Excellent battery life and adjustable projection line. This is a useful device when this machine is being used in semi automatic mode for general fabrication activities.

Powered Laser Line-61

Imet factory fit wired laser line (we have a selection of alternative Addison retro-fit products as well). This is a useful device when this machine is being used in semi automatic mode for general fabrication activities.

Industry 4.0

All the automatic sawing machines of the CUBO series can be connected to the company network via modem: it is also available the dedicated software Saw Factory for teleservice, assistance, programming and management from remote of the cutting process. Discover SAWFACTORY:


The machine is equipped with a series of inverters for speed variation (18-100 m / min).

Chip Conveyor

It’s available for all the CUBO SERIES automatic bandsaw an optional motorized chip conveyor placed laterally (on the loading side) of the machine. The chip conveyor allows to optimize the machine efficiency by removing remaining chips while cutting.

Cutting Control

7-inch touch screen display (with simple and intuitive graphics for different quantities and lengths on the same bar. the operator can to store up to 99 cutting programs by automatically calculating the thickness of the blade, the total number of pieces to be cut, setting the cutting lengths and managing the automatic cutting cycle..

Material detection device

Device to automatically detect the material height, this unit allows fast approach to the material before switching to the selected speed for the cutting cycle. The blade is only raised 1mm above the cut piece to reduce cycle times.

Material Feeder

Mounted on precision chrome steel guides and ball screw transmission driven by a powerful servo motor Cubo incremental feeder delivers a high level of consistent accuracy and reliability. With a 515mm stroke  and floating vice that can cope with out of tolerance material.

Blade guides

The blade guides have hard metal pads and additional front bearings for a better alignment of the blade during the cutting

Blade Cleaning Brush

Powered blade cleaning brush to enhance blade life and performance.

Connection element for roller table

Connection element for loading to connect machine to the roller table RTS.

Loading / unloading roller table

Following element for roller table compatible with both the loading and unloading sides, 2m long, capacity max. 600kg.

Upper horizontal rollers

Upper horizontal rollers for cutting more bars on the same row (capacityà 250x100mm).

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