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HSS Slitting Saws

High Speed Steel Slitting Saw Blades
HSS M2 / HSSE M35 Cobalt
Hrc 64>65 / 66>67
PVD – TiN / TiCN / TiALN
20 > 200 mm diameter
0.1 > 10mm kerf
Metric / Imperial (keyway)
DIN teeth - (A) 1837 / (B) 1838 / (C) 1838
Hollow Ground / Flat Ground

HSS Slitting Saws

Duracore slitting saws are premium manufactured circulars saws. DIN stock off the shelf are generally M2 steel body with a bright finish in either metric or imperial ranging from 20 to 200mm. Hollow ground to the bore for enabling side clearance, kerf tolerances work within -/+ .001. On average we produce 35,000-50,000 pcs per month and ship all over the world. Addison Saws serve many industries, offering completely customised blades for specific related applications. In house, we facilitate over £1m worth of top of the range CNC grinding technology to service our domestic saw blade market, most with lights out technology to keep re-sharpening costs down without compromising on quality.

​We can also produce any size as a special in any material with or without a PVD coating on request.

HSS DMo5 slitting saw heat treated to 64/65 Rockwell.

HSSE EMo5Co5 Cobalt slitting saws heat treated to 66/67 Rockwell.

Fine tooth (A) form – DIN1837

Shallow cutting or for thin wall tubes.

Coarse tooth (B) form – DIN1838

Deep slotting or heavy wall tubes/solids.


We supply slitting saws for the following industries:

  • Nut, bolt & Screw manufacturers
  • High precision engineering
  • Jewellery Manufacturing
  • Oil & Petrochemical
  • Automotive & Components
  • Food & Beverage
  • Packaging
Custom Design Service

We offer a custom blade service, whereby we work with the customer establishing an understanding of their application and what they want to achieve. Please contact us to see if we can improve on your application and reduce costs.

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