Oz Machinery Gemini - II - A - Addison Saws


Oz Machinery Gemini – II – A

CN Double Mitre Saw | with Pivot Head | 400mm blade
PLC control system
0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45° right & left angle fixing
Hydro-Pneumatic cutting
Touchscreen control panel
Safe cutting with saw blade barrier
Automatic horizontal and vertical clamps
Automatic size calculation for mold cutting
Cutting at any desired angle between -45° & +45° 
Precision cutting measurement with digital indicator
Max cutting length 4550mm

Oz Machinery Gemini – II – A

Pivot action 400 mm CN double mitre saw, with servo positioning of the moving head for accurate cut lengths. Touch screen HMI for inputting cutting data.

Motor powerhp2
Sawblade speedrpm3000
Sawblade diametermm400
Sawblade boremm30/32
Servo motor powerkw0.75
Mobile head transmissionRack & pinion
Minimum cut 90deg / mm610
Maax cut length mm3480
Air consumptionL / min50
Machine lengthmm5164mm (max cut 4550mm)
Machine depthmm1040
Machine heightmm1525
Machine weightkg627
Oz Gemini ii a angle charts
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