VH5060-8-10-13 Vertical Bandsaw - Addison Saws


VH5060-8-10-13 Vertical Bandsaw

NC Control | Max Capacity 500 x 600 mm | 800, 1000, or 1300mm Feed Length
Super strong construction
NC servo drive X axis table
Seimens 9" touch screen HMI
Y axis manual setting of cutting width (NC Option)
Hydraulic guide arm positioning
Hydraulic blade tensioning
Hydraulic blade guides
Powered blade cleaning brush
Out of square cutting detection with auto shut down
inverter variable blade speed (15-75mpm)
Automatic chain style chip conveyor
Optional laser projector

Everising VH 5060 Vertical Bandsaw

Y axis cutting of large metal plate material. These plate saws are typically used in metal stockholders, aerospace, civil engineering including bridge components, power generation, and automotive. This vertical bandsaw is available in 3 models, offering different material feeding lengths  of 1,300,  1,000, & 800 mm. See the table below for the specifications of each machine.


Specification Table


Capacity High(mm)500mm500mm500mm
Capacity Width(mm)600mm600mm600mm
Blade Speed (m/min)15-75M/min15-75M/min15-75M/min
Blade size (mm)4880 x 41 x 1.3mm4880 x 41 x 1.3mm4880 x 41 x 1.3mm
Feeding length ( mm)0 ~ 1300mm0 ~ 1000mm0 ~ 800mm
Blade motor (kW)3.7kw3.7kw3.7kw
Hydraulic pump motor (kW)0.4kw0.4kw0.4kw
Cutting fluid pump (kW)0.2kw0.2kw0.1kw
Auto chip conveyor motor (kW)0.4kw0.4kw0.4kw
Servo Motor (kW)1.5kw1.5kw1.5kw
Table height (mm)1030mm1030mm1030mm
Warning lightLED Tricolor LightLED Tricolor LightLED Tricolor Light
Working lampQuartz LampQuartz LampQuartz Lamp
Cutting lineLaser LightLaser LightLaser Light
Control systemHanhing Control BoxHanhing Control BoxHanhing Control Box
Touch screen9 inch9 inch9 inch
Machine Dimension (mm)(W)4030 x (D)2550 x (H)2670mm(W)3620 x (D)2550 x (H)2670mm(W)3020 x (D)2550 x (H)2670mm
Machine Weight (kg)3800kg3450kg3300kg

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