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Everising S-400 HB-NC horizontal band saw

Automatic Bandsaw | NC control | Bundle Cutting | Max Round Capacity 400mm
NC control of the cutting length
Colour touch screen
20 programs for different cut lengths
Piece separation for optimum performance
Multiple indexing & auto kerf compensation
Detachable hydraulic bundle vices
Hydraulic centreless swarf remover
Hydraulic centreless swarf remover
Material height sensor with rapid approach
41mm wide sawblade for precise rapid cutting
2000mm roller infeed table
Variable blade speed inverter & digital display
2 Year parts warranty (1 year labour)

Everising S400 HB-NC Bandsaw

The popular choice of stockholders, contract cutting, fastening producers and engineering companies worldwide. The Everising S and H range are unsurpassed for performance and reliability over the past 30 years and continue to consistently outperform similar looking products. Loaded with standard features these machine offer superb value for money, and are backed up by an industry leading warranty package.

S-400 HB-NC
CapacitySquare420 x 420mm
Bundle CuttingWidth195 to 350mm
Bundle CuttingHeight90 to 200mm
Blade Speed20 to 100m/min (65 to 330 fpm) (INVERTER)
Blade Drive5.5 kW (7.5hp)
Hyd. Pump1.5 kW (2hp)
Coolant Pump0.2 kW (1/4hp)
Blade Size4570 x 41 x 1.3mm
Blade TensionHydraulic
Index LengthMultiple500mm
Machine Weight2360 kg
Floor Space (L x W)2590 x 2180mm
Everising vice pressure reducer

Kit to add universal vice pressure reduction function, one single valve and gauge situated on the main control panel reduces pressure to the main and shuttle vice for cutting thin wall sections and tubes. The kit also includes a gauge to accurately set and record pressure to be repeated.

Addimist Bandsaw

Pure oil micro-mist blade lubrication system recommended for cutting tubes and sectional material where flood lubricant loss through the material is a problem. This precision delivery system allows adjustment for the number of pulses per min, and the quantity of each dose. (requires compressed air supply) The standard flood system is retained for cutting solid material and the operator can simply switch between systems.

Cutting Control

7″ colour touch screen HMI for entering up to 20 jobs containing multiple cutting lengths and piece qty

Swarf Conveyor

A screw type conveyor with ultra reliable hydraulic motor concealed to for maximum protection.

Bundle vices

Detachable hydraulic vertical bundle vices (145 x 190mm capacity)

Blade Control

Variable blade speed with inverter and digital display
20 to 100m/min (65 to 330 fpm)

Vice Details

Full stroke hydraulic vices. The feeder vice is Y axis floating to help with bent material stock. The front vice is split to clamp both sides of the sawblade eliminating any offcut nib. All vices have replaceable hardened jaw plates.

Blade Tensioning

Hydraulic blade tensioning system

Rapid Cycle Times

Fitted with a mechanical material height detection device which allows automatic fast approach before switching to the selected cutting rate. After the cut the saw head returns only to a few mm above the stock to reduce cycle times.

Additrack 2M

Roller support table 2000mm long with 350mm or 500mm wide rollers.

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