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Everising HW 700/1100 bandsaw

Mitre Bandsaw
Feed pressure compensation unit
Hydraulic locked guide arm
Vertical hydraulic hold down clamp
Full stroke hydraulic main clamp
Auxiliary vice
Hydraulic work lift roller with manual feeding
54mm wide saw blade
Variable blade speed (inverter) digital display
2 Year parts warranty (1 year onsite labour)
Powered angle setting with LED display.
Hydraulic work lift roller + power feeding (in)
Hydraulic work lift roller + power feeding (out)


Very heavy construction swing head bandsaw with twin column design for production cutting of large heavy sections.

HW 700 / 1100
Capacity 90° – Round715 mm
Capacity 90° – Square1100 x 700 mm (w x H)
Capacity ±45° – Round680 mm
Capacity ±45° – Square680 x 700 mm (W x H)
Capacity -60° – Round480 mm
Capacity -60° – Square480 x 700mm (W x H)
Min. Clamping410 mm
Blade Speed15 ~ 100 m/min
Blade Size9600 x 54 x 1.6 mm
 Blade Drive Motor7.5kW (10hp)
Hydraulic Pump Motor2.2kW (3 hp)
Oil Mist Motor180 W (1/4 hp)
Wire Brush Motor90 W (1/8 hp)
Blade TensionHydraulic
Angle SwivelPowerful with LED display
Table Height940 mm
Vice Clamping TypeHydraulic (Full Stroke)
Machine Weight7000 kgs
Floor Space (W x D)4600 x 4400 mm
Everising vice pressure reducer

Kit to add universal vice pressure reduction function, one single valve and gauge situated on the main control panel reduces pressure to the main and shuttle vice for cutting thin wall sections and tubes, the kit includes a gauge to accurately set and record pressure to be repeated.

Dead roller table

Options for 2M and 3M long

Power feeding roller table

3 M long

Hydraulic work lift roller

Manual feeding – outfeed side

Out of square detector

Guide arm

The guide arm moves on linear guide way, moving with the vice.

Double column down feed

Swivel power table

Swivelling with bi-directional mitre, +45° ~0° ~ -60°


Hold down device to ensure material can be clamped securely. This may remove material vibration during cutting.

Fast approach

Fast approach of the sawblade to work piece, slowed down once a photoelectric sensor detects it near the material – saving time and potential damage to the work piece.

Oil mist cooling system

The oil mist cooling system is capable of providing sufficient lubrication during sawing to reduce sawing temperature. This will extend the life of the sawblade and result in increased cut quality.

Automatic chip conveyor

Compensation valve

Allows for controlling cutting feed.

Hydraulic blade tension

PLC control

For all electric and hydraulic functions

Variable blade speed

Infinitely variable blade speed control by inverter

Vertical clamping device

Full stroke vice clamping system

Independent electric cabinet and control panel

Breakage shut-off

Idler wheel motion detector with blade stalling and breakage shut-off

Projection light

Laser light

One M42 bi-metal saw blade

One set of tools and tools box

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