CNC Hydraulic Tube Bending Machines - TSR Tube Benders


TSR Tube Benders

3 Axis | Single Stack | CNC Control | 38.1 - 152.4 mm Capacity
Hydraulic bend arm (C) axis
Hydraulic clamp die
Hydraulic pressure die
(Y axis) Carriage with servo motor
Collet (B axis) rotation with servo motor & hydraulic grip
Multi position length stop
Automatic mandrel lubrication
Anticipated mandrel retraction
Remote control panel
User friendly touch screen HMI with 3D bending simulation
Unlimited number of job programs
Rear Boost for x 1D bending available

CSM TSR CNC Hydraulic Tube Bender

Fully automatic, the CNC hydraulic tube bender range ‘TSR’ is intended for tube bending via use of only one bending tool. The bending arm (C axis) is controlled by hydraulic drive as well as the clamping elements ie; material clamps and bending jaw of the tool. Other drives are controlled by electric drives in B and Y axes (tube rotation and support shift) whilst additional features include automatic withdrawing and mandrel lubrication.

Machine operation is via a control panel with touch display located on a portable stand and overall control is provided by a programmable system, ie industrial PC with Windows. The software allows entering data for the complete bending cycle and saved data can be copied, edited and backed up using a USB connector for data transfer.

The following table displays information for each machine in the TSR range.

ODWTCLRmandrel working distancetooling capacityroll bendingrear boosterCSM part no
38.1325-1502200138 TSR
50.8330-2202200150 TSR
65335-2502500165 TSR
804.540-2803000180 TSR
101.65.560-40036001100 TSR
1205.580-45050001120 TSR
152.4790-50060001150 TSR
1809100-60060001180 TSR
2208100-70060001220 TSR
805.532-34530001hydraulic80 TSR-RBF
101.65.530-30036001hydraulic100 TSR-RBF
1205.580-45050001hydraulic120 TSR-RBF
50.8330-22022001hydraulic50 TSR-RBH
65335-25025001hydraulic65 TSR-RBH
804.540-25030001hydraulic80 TSR-RBH
101.65.560-40036001hydraulic100 TSR-RBH
1205.580-45050001hydraulic120 TSR-RBH
152.4790-50060001hydraulic150 TSR-RBH

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