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CSM TDR Twin Stack Tube Benders

4 Axis Hydraulic Twin Stack CNC Tube & Profile Benders
Hydraulic clamp die
Hydraulic pressure die
Servo driven Y axis carriage
Servo driven collet rotation (B) axis
hydraulic collet grip
Servo driven tooling shift left/right & up/down
Automatic mandrel lubrication
Anticipated mandrel retraction
Remote control panel
User friendly touch screen HMI with 3D bending simulation
Unlimited number of job programs
Rear Boost for x 1D bending available
3D preview and collision prevention


Automatic bender type TDR is intended for 3D tube bending using 2 separate bending tool stacks in one working cycle. The bending arm (C axis) is controlled by a hydraulic drive as well as the clamping elements, and the vertical / horizontal movement of the bend head is controlled by two hydraulic cylinders. Y & B axis are controlled electrically (tube rotation and support shift). This machine also comes equipped with automatic mandrel retraction and lubrication system.

The machine is operated from a user-friendly control panel with a touch screen display mounted on a portable stand. Machine software is on an industrial PC pre-loaded with a Windows operating system. The software allows the input of data for a complete bending cycle. Saved data can be copied, edited and backed up by additional USB connector for data transfer.


A closer look at the TDR line of tube benders:

  1. Bend-arm (C-axis) powered by hydraulics
  2. Clamp die – hydraulic
    • pressure die – hydraulic
    • side booster – hydraulic
  3. Tools/radii shifting (TDR) :
    • motion up-down – hydraulic
    • motion left-right – hydraulic
  4. Carriage (Y-axis) – servo motor with programmable speed
  5. Collet (B-axis) grip – hydraulic, rotation by servo motor
  6. Mandrel is powered hydraulically with automatic lubrication & anticipated retraction

There are 2 options for the control unit, an IPC based controller or PLC based controller. The details of both are as follows:

IPC based controller :

      • Industrial PC assorted with touch-screen display, capable of bending simulation, 3D preview and interference detection
      • Programmable speed for servo axes
      • USB port, easy for data transfer
      • Convertible between manual / automatic mode
      • Convertible between inch / metric setting
      • Convertible between XYZ / YBC axes
      • Capable of reading igs/stp file

PLC based controller :

        • PLC controller with touch screen display
        • programmable speed for servo axes
        • USB port, easy for data transfer
        • convertible between manual / automatic mode
        • convertible between XYZ / YBC axes (optional)
ODWTCLRmandrel working distancetooling capacityroll bendingrear boosterCSM part no,
38.1325-1502200238 TDR
50.8330-2202200250 TDR
65335-2502500265 TDR
804.540-2803000280 TDR
101.65.560-40036002100 TDR
1205.580-40050002120 TDR
152.4790-50060002150 TDR
101.65.560-40036002hydraulic100 TDR-RBH
152.4790-50060002hydraulic150 TDR-RBH


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