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Circular Knife Edge Blades

Multi-cut blades
Available in HSS, Cobalt and Stainless Steel
Cobalt and Stainless Steel
Smooth Edge blades

Circular Knife Edge

We cater for many different knife edge products in various industries, for many different applications: Slitting, perforating, cutting, rewind work, punching, shearing, shredding, skinners, scraping, dicing and mixing.

Manufactured from tool steels and stainless grades with hardness scaling from 48-68Hrc.


  • Circular knives and bottom knives for edge trimming
  • Foil cutting knives (smooth or toothed)
  • Cut-off knives
  • Puncher
  • Perforating knives
  • Nonwoven material separating knives
  • Bag cutting knives
  • Crush cutters Transverse cutting blades for cake (e.g. for   trimming the ends of Swiss rolls)
  • Punching knives (e.g. for dividing cakes into   portions of 1/6th or 1/12th etc.)
  • Sweet knives
  • Cutting knives for vegetable processing
  • Bread roll knives
  • Scraping knives for filleting fish
  • Fish skinning knives
  • industrial knives for core and tubes cutters
  • crush cutters
  • creasers
  • perforating circular knives
  • slitting knives
  • scorers
  • food processing circular knives
  • circular shearing cutters and precision spacers
  • textile cutters and split Knives

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