Manual Metal Cutting Bandsaws - Imet BS 350 GH Bandsaw


Imet BS 350 GH Bandsaw

Two Way Mitre | Manual Bandsaw + Autocut | Max Round Capacity 305mm
Mitre locations at 0°- 45°- 60°- Left & 0°- 45° Right
Quick adjust manual vice
Gravity feed automatic cutting with 3 way control
Electric flood coolant system
Carbide blade guides & blade cleaning brush
Variable downfeed control
24 month parts warranty
12 month labor warranty
Blade inclination at end of cut
Rotating Cutting Table
AMP meter illustrating the blade condition
Machine status indicator monitoring

Imet Autocut Band Saw – BS 350 GH

The IMET Autocut Band Saw is a workhorse machine known for its extreme performance and reliability. This bandsaw features a rotating cutting table and a mitre cutting range of 0° to 60° left and 0° to 45° right. This particular metal cutting saw also features positive stops at 0°, 45°, and 60°, making it easy to set up for precise cuts.

The machine is ideal for demanding workshop and production situations, where high cutting capacity and accuracy are required. The unique below centre pivot design of the saw means that the blade is inclined at the end of the cut, optimizing performance and blade life on square sections and flat plate materials. This feature also helps to reduce stress and load on the machine components, prolonging the machine’s lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

The IMET Autocut Band Saw is designed with operator safety in mind and includes a range of safety features such as the blade breakage detector and emergency stop button.

Specification Table
Cutting capacity at 0°Round: 305mm
Square : 260mm
Rectangular: 350x200mm
Cutting capacity at 45° leftRound: 250mm
Square : 230mm
Rectangular: 230x200mm
Cutting capacity at 60 ° leftRound: 250mm
Square : 230mm
Rectangular: 230x200mm
Cutting capacity at 45 ° rightRound: 175mm
Square : 155mm
Rectangular: 170x100mm
Cutting capacity at 0 ° solids (C45)200mm
Blade Motor1.5/1.8 KW
Blade motor with ESC speed variator1.5 KW
Blade speed37-74 m/min
Band Saw Blade speed with ESC speed variator18-100 m/min
Band Saw Blade size3370x27x0.9mm
Height of the work surface940mm

Imet Inverter-42

Electronic variable speed control (18-100 mpm)

Addimist Bandsaw

Pure oil micro-mist blade lubrication system recommended for cutting tubes and sectional material where flood lubricant loss through the material is a problem. This precision delivery system allows adjustment for the number of pulses per min, and the quantity of each dose. (requires compressed air supply) The standard flood system is retained for cutting solid material and the operator can simply switch between systems.

Powered Laser Line

Imet factory fit laser line for guidance

Battery Laser Line

Quality German battery laser line. Addison fit item.

End of Cut Inclination

This is a massive benefit when cutting square section and flat plate and should not be under estimated. This design ensures the blade always has a line of least resistance through these materials, reducing cycle times – dramatically increasing blade life and reducing load on the machine components.

Cutting Control

Amp meter to indicate power draw illustrating potential blade ware or over feeding. LED indicators for machine status.

Cutting Table

BS 350 GH is equipped with a wide rotating table of 460 mm diameter, mounted on a thrust ring with pre-loaded thrust bearing for easy rotation. The vice can be positioned either side of the sawblade depending on the mitre direction.

Saw Frame

The bow of BS 35GH is manufactured in heavy cast iron with large band wheels 300mm diameter to reduce blade material stress. The tension of the band is 1700kg / cm2 for maximum precision and performance with front adjustment and control microswitch. The blade guard is hinged to facilitate the blade replacement .

Blade Cleaning Brush

Powered blade cleaning brush to enhance blade life and performance.

Blade guide system

Very important to get this right in any bandsaw, heavy steel guide arms support a precision set of pre-twist roller bearings and solid carbide blade guides to give maximum precision and performance.

Auto-Cut function

3 mode selection – Manual movement with blade function disabled for fast approach to material, ideal when cutting to marked material line  – Operator setting of the start position with auto-cut function and blade stop at end of cut for unattended cutting.


Connecting element for roller table for the unloading side.

RTSPRW40 Roller Table

Loading / unloading roller table. 1st element length 2m, capacity 700kg.

RTSSEW40 2000mm extension table available

RTMPRW40 Manual Measuring Table

Unloading roller table with metric rod, measurement feedback. 1st element, length 2mt , capacity 700kg

RTMSEW40 2000mm extension table available

RTD2LW40 Manual Digital Measuring Table

2000mm Manual positioning with handwheel and digital display of the cutting length. Pneumatic locking on position and 50mm retraction to allow easy unloading of the cut piece.

Optional lengths:-

RTD4LW40 4000mm
RTD6LW40 6000mm

RTP3W40 NC Measuring Table

3000mm NC servo drive measuring table. 5.7″ Touch screen HMI for cutting data input. Up to 20 different cutting lengths. Automatic 50mm retreat function to allow easy unloading of the cut piece.

Optional lengths:-

RTP6W40 6000mm

R1-W30 Vertical Rollers

Pair of containment vertical rollers 300 mm, made in steel max 2 pairs for each element 2m long, to use without rollers cover (only for RTS )

Addison Roller Table

3000mm available as plain support table or with manual measuring stop and metric scale. Modules can be joined for longer lengths.

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