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OZ Machinery ALCOR – I Sawing Centre

CNC Controlled Profile Cutting Center (3 Axis)
Precision cutting at any angle between 30° & 150°
CNC based control system
Feeding capacity for 7 profiles
Ø 500 mm saw blade
Data transfer over remote network connection
Ethernet and USB
Remote access
Pneumatic system maintenance unit
High cutting capacity to increase efficiency
High speed axis movements

ALCOR – I CNC Sawing Centre

A compact high speed cutting centre for aluminium and pvc profiles, with automatic cross loader containing standard 7 compartments (more on request), rotating cutting head for precision mitre cuts using powerful servo motor to obtain variable angles. Cut piece unloading device to remove component from the sawing zone to the standard static receiving table for cut pieces. There are options for motorised unloading tables similar to the standard loading solution. Ability to reprocess waste pieces longer than 800 mm for new production, allowing waste free cutting. This centre is ideal for window and door production and industrial high volume applications.


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