Addison Jubilee 1018T Manual Bandsaw - Metal Cutting Saw


Addison Jubilee 1018T Manual Bandsaw

Manual Bandsaw | Two-Way Mitre | Max Capacity (Round) 260 mm
Precision two-way miter cut to 45 and 60 degrees, right and left
Swivel head for easy angle cutting without moving material
Large white iron miter scale - easy to read
Efficient coolant system with built-in tank and pump
Highly efficient, low energy motor
Speed change selection
Instant blade tension
Large tungsten carbide and roller blade guide
Adjustable rod for the same cutting length
Low voltage control with overload protecting

SJ-1018T Manual Bandsaw 

Designed for accurate 90 degrees cutting, two way miter cutting to 45 / 60 degrees. Variable blade speed for controlled cutting of various metals.


Capacity at 90Round260 mm
Square260 mm
Rectangle260 x 460 mm
Capacity at 45Round260 mm
Square260 mm
Rectangle260 x 300 mm
Capacity at 60Round155 mm
Square140 mm
Rectangle155 x 125 mm
Blade size27 x 0.9 x 3660 mm
Motor2 HP (1.5 KW)
Speed Range15, 38, 61, 84 MPM (50, 125, 200, 275 FPM)
Packing size215 x 101.5 x 113 cm
Net Weight470 Kgs (1034 Lbs)
Gross weight520 Kgs (1144 Lbs)



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