Edmo look to boost productivity with Addisons - Addison Saws


The Edmo Group – specialists in aluminium extrusion profiles, aluminium fabrication and powder coatings have recently purchased a MECAL SW453 Reverse – 3 double mitre saw from Addison Saws.

Edmo operates out of two locations – Ross-on-Wye and Wednesbury and continues to maintain it’s reputation as an efficient and reliable provider of quality aluminium supply solutions to its wide and varied customer base. It was the need to further increase and improve upon their current mitring process that prompted the purchase of the new double mitre saw as well as the superb value for money the machine presented.


“The amount of mitring operations we have to apply are extensive, says David and looking at key ways in which we can improve that process as well as increase productivity is key for us as we look to further our impact on a competitive market. We were highly impressed with the capabilities of the MECAL and saw for ourselves how the machine handled complex operations which in turn led us to make the purchase. In addition, we were very pleased with how smoothly the installation and commissioning of the MECAL proved to be.”


The MECAL is a double mitre saw with pneumatic positioned inward / outward tilting heads that offer a range of -22.5° to +135° together with mechanical stops for intermediate angles. The large sector plate ensures the most accurate angle settings with default positions set at 90° and 45°. The control system with graphical display and its USB data storage is simple and easy to use for either quick random cuts or pre-programmed cuttings.

Edmo’s strength lies in its ability to project manage complete turnkey supply solutions and ‘although it’s early days’ says David Ashton – MD, ‘we are confident that the MECAL will no doubt lead to increased productivity across our aluminium extrusion division’ .